QuoteInstalled and working,looks a top class prog and a great idea,especially for old people with failing memories.Beats the win 10 basic [recent activity]system by a mile.Easy and extensive filtering. - By captain drewi
QuoteInstalled on 64 bit Win 10 works fine and registered ok . Think I will be using this all the time looks like something I have needed for years. - By John
QuoteInstalled and running fine on Windows 10 64-bit. I like this program! Yes, there are other ways to access recent items, but this one does just what I want it to with only a few clicks. You highlight the file that you are interested in going to again, then click on the top bar to either open it, run it, open the file's location, or view the file's properties. Very efficient and easy to use! - By Myron Carmichael
QuoteThanks for making a very useful app. I've been using a trial version this week and it has come in handy. - By Steven Custer
QuoteI installed Advanced Recent Access today and it does show recently accessed files fairly quickly. It takes a little longer for it to show external drive's file access, but I still really enjoy this feature. - By Jeanie Kiser
QuoteNice. Win 10 x64 Pro. Initial start is a fast display of lots of recent files. Can customize that output as to types. Seems set to auto-run for next boot up. Will try it for a few days but does seem productivity helper if one does a wide variety of work over various of folders. Put in on D drive, seems ok there. Has a file manager look to it so I know I'll be all over it since in/out of tablet mode & desktop as well as wide range of diff apps daily. - By Frank User
Quote1. My first impressions of the value of ARA are very positive, and thank you for a first class support response to resolve a problem with Windows settings. 2. Almost too much information but the filters are really useful. Had a glitch with Windows 7 as the checkbox for 'Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar' was not checked in Windows itself. Support staff were extremely prompt and helpful in tracking this down even though it wasn't actually a problem with their program at all! - To me that says a lot! Will now be looking at their other software too. - By Tony W Haynes
QuoteInstalled without problem on Windows 10 64 bit. I've been using the new start menu in Windows 10 and find it very useful although very limited at the same time. Having installed this and had a play I can see that it is exactly what I was hoping for and it seems to work well. Since I access many files and folders on several drives every day, I can see this becoming a good friend! Thank you TriSun. - By Kestrel
QuoteInstalled easily. Seems to work quickly and well. I can see it being useful to me as often (old age?) I can forget which folder I saved something in and spend a few minutes trying to find it. Sets itself, without as ,to run on system start up. As it starts instantly and knows what's been opened recently, whilst it was closed, doesn't seem much point in having it running all the time. - By lofty
Dynamic Mobile Solutions (US)
Monipalvelu Molarius (FI)
Vineyard Canada (CA)
Compatible with Windows 10 Compatible with Windows 8 Compatible with Windows 7 100% Clean
发布 / 更新日期
新功能 / 改进 Bugs 修复
  • 若在使用过程中卸载了列表中的软件,能自动从列表中删除。
  • 提高了列表刷新速度(只有首次运行才加载手动添加之资源)。
  • 重要:文件类型过滤器对手动添加之资源无效。这是一个必须升级的版本!
  • 重要(I):增加【访问日期】列。
  • I:支持通过点击相关菜单项或拖放来手动添加资源。
  • I:支持手动刷新数据。
  • 完全支持原生斯洛文尼亚文。
  • 将 .md 文件类型从“压缩包”分类移至“文档”,尽管它也是一种压缩包,但作为文档更常见。
  • 代码优化及精简。
  • 重要(I):极大地提升了界面及数据加载速度,现在,启动时几乎无需等待。之前所有的版本均启动缓慢,甚至在某些配置较低的电脑上需要一分钟以上才能启动。这是一个必须升级的版本!
  • 加载 / 自动刷新列表时加入进度提示,以免用户不知道程序在干什么。
  • 将主题应用至耗时操作的提示条。
  • I:若未能正确读取到最近使用的应用程序,其他类型的最近记录会显示混乱。
  • 重要(I):内置“音频”类型由 355 种增加至 484 种。
  • I:完全支持原生瑞典文。
  • I:移除条目时列表不再闪烁。
  • 优化英文的软件文本(界面及消息框),尤其是标准化了首字母的大小写。
  • 内部性能调优。
  • 若用户电脑使用非公历(如佛历、伊斯兰历等),则可能出现有效许可证被判定为已过期的情况。
  • 重要(I):完全支持原生西班牙文。
  • 优化意大利语文本。
  • 内部性能调优。
  • I:极少数电脑上会出现盗版误报的情况。
  • 重要(I):大幅提升列表的刷新速度。
  • I:能按【大小】列精确排序。
  • I:完全支持原生法文。
  • I:增加进程外覆程序,以使软件在异常退出后能自动重启。
  • 退出程序时需要您的确认,以避免意外关闭程序。
  • 标准化一些快捷键,使它们与 Windows 保持一致,例如使用<Alt+回车>来显示资源的属性窗口(之前的版本使用<F4>)。
  • 资源的智能单位支持 TB(达到 1 TB 即显示为 TB)。
  • 内部性能调优。
  • I:xml 同时归入“文档”及“视频”类别,应从“视频”中移除,因为 xml 作为视频文件只存在于 Linux 系统。
  • 多种语言对【次数】列标题的翻译不准确。
  • 重要(I):能显示最近使用的应用程序。
  • 优化“过滤”区域的外观。
  • 优化灰色主题。
  • 优化西班牙语的软件文本。
  • I:不能显示名称含 Unicode 字符之资源的“属性”框。
  • I:右键菜单“删除”及“移动到回收站”的下级菜单文字不可见,需要鼠标移上去才能显示。
  • 重要:增加启动画面,并在其上显示进度,以告知您它目前正在做何操作,避免您认为程序未响应。大大提高了友好度。
  • 预置主题改为蓝色——更常用及美观者。
  • 优化许可证验证模块。
  • 韩文未完全翻译。
  • 重要(I):增加切换主题功能,并精心设计了 4 套美观的预置配色方案。
  • I:优化了大量图标:更美观、更易于理解,外观、大小等的统一。
  • I:内置“文档”类型由 90 种增加至 1,160 种。
  • I:可启动到托盘。
  • I:完全支持原生匈牙利语。
  • 在各种语言中,主界面都能在分辨率为 1024 * ? 的屏幕上完整显示。
  • 能在系统“程序及功能”列表中显示产品徽标。
  • 优化繁体中文的软件文本。
  • 能显示简体中文及繁体中文的升级记录。
  • 内部性能调优。
  • 重要(I):能单独删除最近访问记录(快捷方式)。
  • I:能将【次数】重置为 1。
  • I:将难用且不强大的“查找”功能替换为易用且快速的文本过滤器,以在主列表实时、直接地显示过滤结果。
  • I:能自定义主列表外观,例如字体、网格、前/背景色。
  • I:能对选定资源执行更多操作,例如:复制完整路径、移动/拷贝到其他地方、重命名。
  • 主画面工具栏不再使用粗体(更美观友好)。
  • 优化“请求支持”相关功能。
  • 优化关于界面上许可证类型及“授权给...”标签的颜色。
  • 优化越南文软件文本。
  • 内部性能调优。
May 17, 2018

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  • Important (I): fully supports native Türkçe.
  • I: fully supports native Italiano.
  • I: can display the up/down arrows on the sorted column header.
  • Uses the new company logo on the "About..." interface.
  • Added the "Update history" menu item to the Help button.
  • Changed the text color of the list to default (black), some users do not like previous color.
  • Optimized Polish text.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • I: if the main interface is maximized when exit program, then the location of main interface cannot be restored accurately when next run.
  • "Open database location..." feature works abnormally (it will open the program folder).
Feb 27, 2018

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  • Important (I): fully supports native 한국어.
  • I: fully supports native Deutsch.
  • I: added "Run it when PC boots" option (in previous, ARA will always autostart, cannot be set).
  • I: optimized the interface greatly: more beautiful, friendlier and easier to use.
  • I: now can show the update history directly if the new version is available and you chose to view the updates (in previous versions, just only jump to the 'Update History' segment, but have not expanded it, you need to expand it manually to see the update history).
  • Removed the "Add to Quick Launch Bar" option from the installer, because from Win Vista, it has no meaning.
  • Changed the splitter color from black to gray for about interface to make it friendlier.
  • Optimized the license agreement for installer.
  • Optimized official website.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
Oct 28, 2015
  • Important: fully supports native Polski.
  • Important: fully supports native Tiếng Việt.
  • Important: can remember the sorting column and order.
  • Important: can remember the [Filter] settings.
  • Important: do not install ARA to "User Application Data" folder forcibly.
  • Important: change the refreshing frequency from 1 minute to 9 seconds, in order to let you see the recent used resources in time.
  • Important: change the default sorting column from [Times] to [Date modified] due to the values of [Times] field are still one at the first run.
  • Optimized the default width of [Date modified] and [Date created] columns, let them can fully display the data without ellipsis.
  • No longer put the autostart shortcut under "Common Startup" menu (replace it with "User Startup" menu), because you cannot decide for others!
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • A little text error in license agreement of the installer.
Oct 09, 2015
  • Important: perfected UI effect for any system DPI setting, in any supported Operating Systems (system DPI setting: in Windows 7, it can be changed at "Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display -> Make text and other items larger or smaller").
Oct 01, 2015
  • Important: sorts the new items during running ARA (previous added them to the end of the list after automatically refreshed, and you need to drag the vertical scroll bar to see them).
  • Important: the list no longer flashes when refreshing automatically per minute.
  • Important: does not update the properties of the resources after automatically refreshed the list, such as size, date modified, etc.
Sep 25, 2015
  • Optimized an English text.
  • Important: the program may crash if running a long time.
Sep 22, 2015
  • Important: supports multi-language.
  • Important: fully supports native 简体中文 & 繁體中文.
  • Important: removed [Date accessed] field, because Windows does not exactly update it in time since Windows 2003 SP1.
  • Important: now the installer supports multi-language also, and let you choose when install. Even, ARA can directly use the language that selected during installing.
  • Important: by default, uses Golden Ratio for the main interface and its start position.
  • Can restore the window location with the values of Top and Left properties are 0 (Top / Left may be 0 and can be 0).
  • Open translation interface for multi-language version.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • Supports to directly open the data file location (for technical support), in order get better support if necessary.
  • Optimized English texts.
  • Changed "Microsoft Internet Explorer" string to "Microsoft Web Browser", because Windows 10 uses Microsoft Edge, for consistency, now calls them as "Microsoft Web Browser".
  • Important: if you have not checked "Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar" option on "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" (right-click Start menu and select "Properties" to show) interface, you will still get a blank list.
  • Important: the main interface MAY disappear if did these operations for the system tray icon: double-click / quickly right-click and then click / only click or right-click after program ran a long time. And you need to end corresponding process and run it again to solve this problem.
  • Important: if ARA is minimized to the system tray and closed unexpectedly (e.g. Windows logged out, shutdown, etc.), it will record the unusable window size and location. This will cause the main interface to be invisible at the next run, and normal users are very hard to restore it.
  • Important: you may get the dislocation properties of a few system folders.
Mar 25, 2014
  • New release.


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