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Logo Name Version Size (KB) Manufacturer / Author Summary Date Added
Logo ColorSpy 2.0b 160 MicroTask Computer Services Get various color codes by mouse on your screen. Oct 12, 2011
Logo GetWindowText 1.64 32 Nenad Hrg Easy to copy the text from window elements, even the text is not allowed to copy. Apr 30, 2012
Logo Keyboard LEDs 512 KARPOLAN Display Caps Lock state in tray area and screen (only for a few notebooks and netbooks). Dec 21, 2011
Logo Volumouse 2.00 52 Nir Sofer Adjust Windows system volume by using the mouse wheel. May 03, 2012
Logo SiteShoter 1.42 87 Nir Sofer Easy to make the screenshot(s) for local and web page(s). May 03, 2012
Logo Hekasoft Backup & Restore 0.8 3,647 Hekasoft Backup and restore the data for major web browsers. May 07, 2012
Logo Sleep Preventer 1.3 1,387 Prevents your PC to be the sleep mode. May 07, 2012
Logo FiletypeID 0.1.2 8,432 Filip Szymański Identifies the filetype for non-extension files. May 08, 2012
Logo Instagram Downloader 1.0 664 mohammadkad Download the URLs of Instagram photos according to the specific user. May 09, 2012
Logo NetSpeedMonitor 3,258 Florian Gilles Display current network speed on Windows taskbar. May 09, 2012
Logo Pneumatic Tubes File Router 684 Rapid Streams Software Factory Quickly move files/folders to specific folder. May 09, 2012
Logo Keyndicate 999 SoftwareSpot Display CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock states (pressed or unpressed) on a system tray icon. May 09, 2012
Logo Round It 1.0.2 328 Add the nice rounded corners to pictures in single or batch modes. May 10, 2012
Logo Sleep Timer 1.0 620 A scheduler for shutting down/restarting/hibernating your PC. May 10, 2012
Logo Snap2HTML 1.21 141 RL Vision Generate a visual HTML files list for viewing and searching. May 10, 2012
Logo pViewer 1.1 241 Phate A fast and simple image viewer. May 26, 2012
Logo Text Editor Anywhere 2.01 239 Bopsoft Edits the text for Web input box in your local text editor. May 26, 2012
Logo Window On Top 1.0 645 skybn Lets any window to display on the top of the screen. May 26, 2012
Logo cacheCopy 2.0 333 trailmax Gets your Surf pictures from web browser cache, supports common browsers. May 26, 2012
Logo ImageHide 2.0 530 Dancemammal Hides text in image and load text from image. May 26, 2012
Logo Jpg+FileBinder 1.0 308 Anonymous Hides a compressed file (zip/rar/7z) into a jpg/jpeg picture. May 26, 2012
Logo Coolbarz 132 Brynt Younce Extends your taskbar to get more space to put the shortcuts. May 26, 2012
Logo Smart Folders 1.0 399 AddictiveTips Creates folder when drag and drop files. May 27, 2012
Logo RouterPassView 1.39 96 Nir Sofer Views the password of your router. May 27, 2012
Logo PassMark AppTimer 1.0 64 PassMark® Software Tests the consuming time of program startup. May 27, 2012
Logo PointerStick 1.91 486 Nenad Hrg Plus instructional stick to the mouse pointer. Sep 12, 2012
Logo Paste As File 1,679 Chris Gingerich Pastes the copied plain text or image as a file. Sep 12, 2012