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# Manufacturer/Author: Nir Sofer

# Tested Operating System(s): Windows 7 x64

# TSSI Review

Sometimes, we need make a screenshot (jpg, gif, png, bmp or others) for a web page and use it in a document. Usually, most web pages can not be displayed completely in a screen, so you cannot make a screenshot for a webpage by using the <Print Screen> key. You may need to press <Print Screen> key two or more times to make the screenshot, and need to scroll the page to an appropriate location each time.

Now, with SiteShoter, everything becomes so simple. It can make the screenshot for any web page, just input its URL and specify the screenshot file name (jpg/gif/png/bmp/tiff are supported), and then click <Start> button, the screenshot will be made automatically.

Also, it supports to make the screenshot for local web page and make multiple screenshots for a URLs list.

# TSSI Manual

For single web page

Choose 'Single URL/File' option, input the URL of target web page and choose an output screenshot file, and then click <Start> button to make it like this:
SiteShoter 1

For single local page

Choose 'Single URL/File' option, choose the target local webpage file and choose an output screenshot file, and then click <Start> button to make it like this:
SiteShoter 2

For multiple local/web pages

Please make a URLs list file first, and then choose 'URLs File' option, select this file and choose an output screenshot files, and then click <Start> button to make it like this:
SiteShoter 3

The URLs list file can contain local and web pages both, one file/URL per line, like this: SiteShoter 4

Important Note
1. To ensure this function working properly, you must use the macro for the output screenshot file names, I recommend you use %url% like below, to know more supported macros, please visit SiteShoter's home page.
SiteShoter 5

And the output screenshot files like this:
SiteShoter 6

2. You can use multi-threaded feature to process the URLs list file as below:
SiteShoter 7
Just check "Run every URL in a separated SiteShoter process" option and leave other parameter as default.

Other Useful Options

1. Automatically extend browser size according to Web page
I recommend you always check this option to make a complete screenshot for every web page.
The values of maximum Width/Height parameters are good, just use the default values, no changes needed. SiteShoter 8

2. If you want to view the output screenshots, just check "Open the screenshot file after save" option like this:
SiteShoter 9

# Defect(s)

  • Sometimes, the option settings are ineffective, I think SiteShoter uses the previous settings. If got it, please restart SiteShoter.