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Get: When you have NOT received the license eMail after paid.
Retrieve: When you lost the license eMail, or the license key is changed in the new version.
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# Note

  • Please specify the correct eMail address (the one used to buy our products or just your PayPal eMail address).
  • If you still cannot get your license, please contact support[at]
Please send any bug report, suggestion, question or comment to us at following addresses:
  • Technical Support
    support { at }
  • Sales
    sales { at }

# Note

  • It's a FREE service.
  • We only accept eMails in English.
  • Your emails will be replied within two working days.
  • Sometimes, you cannot get technical support or get your license key by email.
    If you encounter such a situation, please don't worry. There is only ONE reason:
    We cannot receive your emails or you cannot receive our emails (spammed or rejected).
    So, if you encounter such embarrassment, please don't hesitate to request support by using other email addresses until you get it.
    Although this probability is small, but you still have to pay attention to this situation.

# Why? When?

When you cannot properly use our software products (even have read the documentations), or cannot solve the problems by yourself (even used the free eMail support), it's time to use our remote support service. It's a real-time and hand-to-hand service, your problems can be solved soon by our support team.

# Method

We provide the remote support service via accessing you PC by using AnyDesk.

# Steps

It's very easy! Just install this Chrome Extension, switch to "Remote Support" tab page, click "GENERATE CODE", and then send access code to support[at] (please use your order email address to send the code), and keep it running, we will access your computer timely.
If you have some special requirements about our software products, even any other software requirement, please contact us at support[at], we can customize it for you. In this case, we will charge you US $65/working hour besides the software license fee.