tail for Windows is a UNIX/Linux like tail command for Win32 / Win64 / DOS. It can be used to display last lines of a file and trace/monitor file or log's change. You can also intercept a file/log from specified line number into another file by using the redirection symbol (> or >>).

It supports most options compare with UNIX/Linux tail command, so for UNIX/Linux skills, there is no more words to say. And it contains the Manual, just read it to know about all supported options after downloaded it.
It is very easy to use, for the average Windows PC users, we give the following guides:

* The installer will put tail.exe to Windows folder (e.g. C:\Windows), in order to get it working in cmd window without path inputting.

* Press <Win+R>, input cmd, and press <Enter> to open the DOS command window.

* Now, you can use tail command.

* Common usage:
tail -f filename traces/monitors file or log's change.
tail -n filename displays the last n lines of the file/log.
tail +n filename displays the file/log tail beginning with n line.

* All above commands can generate a new file/log by using the redirection symbol (> or >>). > override mode, >> appending mode. E.g. tail -96 "f:\new product\test.log" > h:\test.tail.96.log will intercept the last 96 lines from "f:\new product\test.log" into h:\test.tail.96.log (new file).

* For advanced and detailed usage, please read its manual after finished installation.

* At last, if the file name has space, please quote it, like "file name", in fact, we recommend you quote file name always.
Release/Update Date
Features / Improvements Bug Fixes
Nov 01, 2016
  • Published the Non-developer licenses.
  • Optimized web texts.
Oct 18, 2015
  • Supports Windows 10.
  • Published the Developer licenses.
  • Optimized web texts.
Feb 03, 2015
  • Made it as the portable software.
Sep 15, 2011
  • The first release.

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I'm using tail for Windows, it is a UNIX/Linux like tail DOS Command for Windows that designed to trace file or intercept file from specified line number.

You should have a test!

Official page: https://www.trisunsoft.com/tail-for-windows.htm
Direct download: https://www.trisunsoft.com/products/tail-for-windows.zip

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By Newtriblog @ Nov 03, 2020
TriSun Software and does the job fine!
How to tail log, trc, etc. files on Windows? Find a "tail" cmd-line program like "tail -f" or "WinTail" (gui) and load to your c: path. I've been using tail for windows by TriSun Software and does the job fine! Typical usage: 1. c: ail.exe -f c:myfile.log #log the whole file 2. c: ail -f -10 myfile.log #log the last 10 lines of the file You can also pump the last 10 lines of one file into another one: c: ail -10 "c:myfile.log" > c:myfile_10.log

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