Days/Hours/Seconds Time Calculator/Counter

  • This Free online date time calculator/counter tool contains two features: Date Time Elements Counter and Date Time Calculator.
  • The Date Time Elements Counter is used to count the number of years/months/weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds between two date times. Just select the start and end date time, and the click <Count> button, you will get the elements counts between the selected date times INSTANTLY!
  • The Date Time Calculator is used to calculate the result date time which equals the given date time adds/subtracts any qty of a date time element. Just specify the base date time and quantity of an element, and the click <Calculate> button, you will get the target date time INSTANTLY!
  • Know more details about this Days/Hours/Seconds Date Time Calculator/Counter.


Free Online Color Converter

Convert HTML Color Code (HEX) to/from RGB Color Values

HTML Color Code (HEX) # RGB Color Values

  • It is easy to use, just input or paste the HTML color code or RGB color values, and then click <Convert...> button to get the converted result.
  • To copy the converted result, just select a value and press <Ctrl+C>.