Days/Hours/Seconds Time Calculator/Counter

  • This Free online date time calculator/counter tool contains two features: Date Time Elements Counter and Date Time Calculator.
  • The Date Time Elements Counter is used to count the number of years/months/weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds between two date times. Just select the start and end date time, and the click <Count> button, you will get the elements counts between the selected date times INSTANTLY!
  • The Date Time Calculator is used to calculate the result date time which equals the given date time adds/subtracts any qty of a date time element. Just specify the base date time and quantity of an element, and the click <Calculate> button, you will get the target date time INSTANTLY!
  • Know more details about this Days/Hours/Seconds Date Time Calculator/Counter.


PHP File Syntax Online Checker

Select a PHP File
Check Syntax
  • This Free online tool can find any syntax error in your local php files.
  • It will report all syntax errors and reasons, list your PHP source code and indicate the error lines by a red arrow.
  • Very easy to use, just select a local PHP file and click <Check This File> button.
  • The checking script is written by Alan Dix, we just provide you with the submission form and call his script to execute checking.
  • If you are a PHP programmer, we suggest you use the following form to check the syntax of your PHP files first, before users complaining.

Free Online Color Converter

Convert HTML Color Code (HEX) to/from RGB Color Values

HTML Color Code (HEX) # RGB Color Values

  • It is easy to use, just input or paste the HTML color code or RGB color values, and then click <Convert...> button to get the converted result.
  • To copy the converted result, just select a value and press <Ctrl+C>.