Want to get some extra profits aside to your own business? Promote software on your website through an advanced affiliate network.
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# What does it mean exactly?

Get 30% commission for every referred sale and 10% of all recurring payments on your website. Simply become a TriSun Software Limited affiliate now!

# How do I start off?

  • Register as a TriSun Software Limited affiliate in PayPro Global Affiliate System by Clicking Here.
  • Review TriSun Software Limited affiliate campaign details (enrolled products and markets).
  • Get approved by the TriSun Software Limited (Affiliation agreement activation).
  • Download all the product media found in your Affiliation Agreement together with the redirect link for potential customers.
  • Place a display ad (banner) or a contextual promo on your website or blog.
  • Get monthly payouts according to your affiliation agreement.

And you are good to go! PayPro Global takes care of the rest!

# What are the benefits?

  • Easy implementation of the system.
  • Order processing, fraud management and customer support is handled for you.
  • Monitor and analyse your referral sales in reports.
  • Receive scheduled payouts by any suitable method.