Overview of TriSun Software Partner Program
To cash in on the benefits from our award-winning shareware, you can become our partner. All our shareware are offered to you, and we provide the technical support for the end users. We also offer you a high profit discounts to grow your business.

# Reseller

Take advantage of attractive discounts as a TriSun Software reseller!

We are seeking resellers to represent our software on potential markets. If you have your own resource, or experience of product agent as well as will to sell our products, please try our reseller program.

Our reseller program enables you to make high profits by selling our products using your own marketing channels in local markets. We provide a wide range of opportunities with a minimal inventory investment for reseller partners to meet the specific market needs of any client. We hope to cooperate with resellers focused on specific countries or regions. But we prefer individual negotiations rather than just laying down fixed terms and conditions, because we regard sales volumes and commitments to promote our products as key factors in determining partnerships between both sides. For any request or question of our reseller program, please contact sales[at]TriSunSoft.com.

> Why TriSun Software Shareware?

After you take part in this program, you can get below benefits:
  • High-quality Products
    We sparing no efforts to increase our product quality lead us to be trusted by a huge number of users around the world.
  • Low Wholesales Prices
    We offer our partner very competitive wholesaling discount. The more you order, the lower you pay:
    Monthly Sales Discount (Based on Previous Month's Sales)
    US $5,000- 30%
    US $5,001 ~ US $10,000 40%
    US $10,001+ 50%

> How It Works?

  • After you submitted a reselling request to us (eMail to sales[at]TriSunSoft.com), we will make an evaluation.
  • If you meet our requirements, we will reply you the discount prices and the PayPal Buy Now buttons (HTML code) or links. And you can use them to buy our shareware with a high discount price.
  • All our shareware can be found on TriSun Software homepage (https://www.trisunsoft.com/) and its sub sites (see the bottom of this page).

> Terms & Conditions

  • The discount PayPal Buy Now buttons/links are not allowed you to send to anyone, and only you know them. After your users bought one of our products, you can buy (with the discount price) and send the license to the buyers.
  • You agrees not to, directly or indirectly, infringes or contests the validity of TriSun Software's title to any patent, trademark, trade name, packaging design or copyright (or under which TriSun Software may be licensed).
  • You shall do best efforts to market, promote, solicit or stimulate the sales.
  • TriSun Software will provide service and technical support for you and end users.
Note: those are only some basic terms. The specific terms should depend on both sides' agreement.