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Send Automatic eMails, Verify eMail Addresses & Develop eMailing App Convert PDF to DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF... A Handy, Useful, Unique & Fun Personal Accounting Tool Care for Your Health While You Use PC
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Get Full-featured Time Calculator Lets Keyboard Play Music While Typing Crack MS Access MDB Password Instantly A UNIX-like tail Utility for Windows/DOS
Note: our products are not natively Mac compatible. However you can run it without any issues using a Windows emulator like Parallels Desktop.


QuoteThis is a well-designed, nice looking and functional software product. Installs easily, with simple and immediate registration. - By Tony Austin for WinExt Pro
QuoteLiterally loved it. Simplistic design and powerful execution really got me. - By Özgür Çetindere for Easy Work Time Calculator
QuoteBasically, I just wanted to say I love the simplicity and functionality of the program.
Thanks for a very cool item which helps to remind me of upcoming events such as a cousins wedding, birthdays, expiring contracts, etc... - By Patrick Ross (CA) for Date Time Counter
QuoteI installed Advanced Recent Access today and it does show recently accessed files fairly quickly. It takes a little longer for it to show external drive's file access, but I still really enjoy this feature. - By Jeanie Kiser for Advanced Recent Access
QuoteA few quick tests showed the program performed well and quickly presented the information in an easy to read manner. - By XP-Man for Advanced Date Time Calculator
QuoteWas diagnosed with a DVT and searched for a program to help me remember to get up and walk every so often. Thanks for the LIFE SAVING program. - By CARLO for PC WorkBreak
QuoteGreat tracking! Open the window, watch the magic, keeps logs of everything going on and a while down the road, you can view past happenings, log files, etc... I think this is a great software to see what's going on, especially if you do something and forget, like move a file etc... definitely worth a 5 stars. - By gimpguy on for Windows Explorer Tracker
QuoteA little promo for TriSun Software: Keymusic plays a tone for every keypress, so you make music as you type. - By Stephen Partington (AU) for KeyMusic
QuoteLooks simple but effective. - Katherine Fisher@MSDA for File & Folder Lister (100% FREE)

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