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QuoteThis is a well-designed, nice looking and functional software product. Installs easily, with simple and immediate registration. - By Tony Austin für WinExt® Pro
QuoteLiterally loved it. Simplistic design and powerful execution really got me. - Von Özgür Çetindere für Easy Work Time Calculator
QuoteBasically, I just wanted to say I love the simplicity and functionality of the program.
Thanks for a very cool item which helps to remind me of upcoming events such as a cousins wedding, birthdays, expiring contracts, etc... - Von Patrick Ross (CA) für Date Time Counter
QuoteThis was honestly one of the most useful apps I've ever used. It surfaces exactly what you're looking for via some decent sorting controls, so this became an important part of my daily workflow. It's so convenient, it's actually worth buying. - Von Jeffrey N für Advanced Recent Access
QuoteA few quick tests showed the program performed well and quickly presented the information in an easy to read manner. - Von XP-Man für Advanced Date Time Calculator
QuoteWas diagnosed with a DVT and searched for a program to help me remember to get up and walk every so often. Thanks for the LIFE SAVING program. - Von CARLO für PC WorkBreak
QuoteGreat tracking! Open the window, watch the magic, keeps logs of everything going on and a while down the road, you can view past happenings, log files, etc... I think this is a great software to see what's going on, especially if you do something and forget, like move a file etc... definitely worth a 5 stars. - Von gimpguy on snapfiles.com für Windows Explorer Tracker
QuoteA little promo for TriSun Software: Keymusic plays a tone for every keypress, so you make music as you type. - Von Stephen Partington (AU) für KeyMusic
QuoteLooks simple but effective. - Katherine Fisher@MSDA für File & Folder Lister (100% KOSTENLOS)