Advanced Date Time Calculator ist ein voll funktionsfähiger Datum-Zeit-Rechner, mit 6 wichtigsten Funktionen:
  • Berechnet Daten/Zeiten durch Addieren/Abziehen von Jahren, Monaten, Wochen, Tage, Stunden, Minuten oder Sekunden zu/von einer Basiszeit, z.B.: die Zeit berechnen, indem man zur aktuellen Zeit 3,29 Jahre, 1,8 Wochen und 982 Sekunden addiert. Unterstützt das Addieren/Abziehen von Wochentagen, Werktagen, Wochenenden, um das Zieldatum zu bekommen.
  • Berechnet dynamisch und statisch Differenzen (Jahre, Monate, Wochen, Tage, Stunden, Minuten, Sekunden) zwischen zwei Daten, dies wird verwendet, um die Jahre/Monate/Wochen/Tage/Stunden/Minuten für vergangene/zukünftige Ereignisse (z.B. Geburtstag, Hochzeitstag oder Jubiläum) zur aktuellen Zeit zu zählen. Es wurde die Start-/Ziel-Zeit mit aktueller Systemzeit initialisiert, ändere einfach eine davon, um die Anzahl der Jahre/Monate/Wochen/Tage/Stunden/Minuten/Sekunden zum Ereignis auf Basis der aktuellen Zeit zu erhalten, z.B.: "Wie viele Sekunden/Tage leben ich?".
  • Zählt die Wochetage, Werktage, Wochenenden zwischen zwei Datumsangaben, z.B. die Wochentage zwischen 29. Januar 1819 und 14. Oktober 1981 zählen.
  • Durch Konvertierung zwischen verschiedenen Zeit-Einheiten (Tage, Jahre, Monate, Wochen, Minuten, Sekunden, Stunden) kann man leicht und schnell die Antworten auf einige Zeit-Konvertierungs-Fragen erhalten, z.B. "Wie viele Sekunden hat ein Jahr?".
  • Vergleicht die Zeit zwischen einer Basiszeitzone und vier ausgewählte Zeitzonen und listet die Zeiten aller Zeitzonen der Welt für die angegebene Basiszeit auf.
  • Berechnet das genaue Datum, das durch die große Tage-/ Sekunden-Zahl vom UNIX-Basisdatum (01.01.1970) angegeben wird, oder die entsprechende UNIX-/Linux-Tage-/Sekunden-Zahl, indem ein gültiges Datum angegeben wird, z.B. 15.551 Tage ergibt 30. Juli 2012.
Alle oben genannten Ergebnisse werden sofort nachkorrekter Eingabe angezeigt, es muss nicht auf eine beliebige Taste wie "Berechnen", "Enter" geklickt werden.
QuoteWorks as advertised and pretty straight forward interface. No learning curve with this. Thanks Developer. - By Tom P
QuoteAs regards version 9.0 it has been very reliable and works with no problems. As a Family Historian I tend to use it for the past where it calculate dates of birth/death, periods and exact dates and tells me what day of the week events took place 100+ years ago. A nice easy program to use. - By Marshland
QuoteI used this before in a previous version. I've found it both useful and fun! Easy installation and registration. Thanks very much, TriSun Software! - By M. Aronson
QuoteInstalled and registered without any issues. My work involves lots of dates and this is perfect for working past and future date. Nice and easy to use and saves a lot of time with minimum effort. Just the job. Thanks. - By Blackhat
QuoteVery useful Utility. If you have forgotten to set your camera to the current date and time when traveling overseas then this is another use for this program. - By Brian
QuoteDownloaded and installed with no problems. I checked the time difference between home and London England in early March and late March and saw the difference in the daylight savings time which is very helpful for me. I installed to my laptop so I can take it to the office and set the worldclocks. This has been difficult for me since different countries use different daylight savings times. This makes adjusting the clocks much easier! - By Nass
QuoteA really phenomenal tool, and the "business days" function is unique as far as I know. - By Nebulous
QuoteOver the years I have found it to be a wonderful piece of software that does so many things with dates, and the time between dates. Even though you may think you will never need it, you are wrong - you will!! Thank you TriSun. - By Hughjocapivvy
QuoteIt can used to calculate time difference when spliting videos with FFMPEG, like 00:03:47 - 00:07:15. - By ew
QuoteI've been using the software over the past year - its good enough that I bought a lifetime license. My usage? - I use it to keep track of prescription refills. Haven't missed one since I've started using this software. The program is simple to use, is lightweight on resources, and its accurate. If you have a need, this is the program to get. - By BearPup
QuoteGot this last time it was offered and have found it very useful on occasions. You can add or abstracts various units of time from a date. Find the difference between two dates to the nearest second. Days of the week, tells you the number days of the week, number of weekdays and number of weekend between dates. Converter, when you put a number of time units in it calculates all the other time units, for instance if you put an hour in it will show you 60 min in the other unit area. The next function is UNIX date. A useful program now and again - By Tata
QuoteSmooth installation and registration; easy to use; a keeper for me! Thanks so much, TriSun Software. - By M. Aronson
QuoteThis program was offered quite a while ago, I downloaded it then and used it on a good number of occasions. Unless you write your own stuff in MS Excel, there isn't really anything like this program. Thank you TriSun Software. - By Hughjocapivvy
QuoteI manage several dozen prescriptions for multiple people (long term care facility), and as part of that we write the next refill date on the top of each bottle. While 30 day scripts are easy enough to calculate, 45, 60, and 90 day scripts are more problematic. This piece of software completely erases that difficulty. Very handy, and a keeper. Thanks to TriSun Software. - By Techie Bear
QuoteA few quick tests showed the program performed well and quickly presented the information in an easy to read manner. - By XP-Man
QuoteSounds interesting; I often have need of knowing on what date a particular day fell or vice versa. - By JGF
QuoteFor quickly checking between 2 points in time, this is quite useful. Thanks - By Alex
QuoteInstalled without problem on Windows 10 and registered easily. Works fine and certainly does well what it says it will. Thank you. - By Kestrel
QuoteThank you. I have recently needed to covert times to dates from countdown clocks. This works like a charm. - By Kalei Lundberg
QuoteDownloaded & installed without problem on Win10 computer & my trials went without error & I got some pleasant surprises – enjoy the software – & thanks all! - By Thomas Roberts
QuoteThanks to TriSun. I tried it. Very Good. There is no [Calculate] button. You have to key in the number of years and/or months / and/or weeks and/or days and/or hours and/or minutes. You can adjust by clicking the up/down arrow keys. Then within the cell, you press [Enter], that is the signal to the software to calculate. Do not click on the green arrows unless you wish to reset to zero. I cannot figure out the use of UNIX Date. So just leave that alone. - By ric
Quoteinstalled fine for me on 64-bit Win7. I do a lot of historical research where I need info like this and have relied on web based programs to tell me stuff like what day of the week something was in 1887. That’s worked fine for me, but I kind of like having this program to streamline it for me seperate from the web. - By CRW
QuoteDownloaded and installed on Win 10 Pro and registered without hitch. I don’t have any other software that provides the functions that work well. I will keep it and use it as I find the need. Thanks Trisunsoft! - By Rick Martin
QuoteThank you so much for this program. It is perfect for the home user, like me, who wants to do date conversions on their computer. I can use this even when I am not online and want to know how many days or weeks, etc. to someone’s birthday, Halloween or Christmas! It is a very easy program to use that even my grandchildren will have fun using it. - By Nancy
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Ich benutze Erweiterter Datumszeitrechner, es ist ein voll funktionsfähiger Datumszeitrechner, der verwendet wurde, um das Ergebnisdatum zu erhalten, die Unterschiede zu berechnen und die Wochentage, Wochentage, Wochenenden zwischen zwei Daten / Zeiten zu zählen, um die Konvertierung zwischen zu erhalten verschiedene Datum Zeit Elemente, berechnen UNIX Datum.

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