Advanced Date Time Calculator est une calculatrice complète de date et heure avec 6 fonctions principales:
  • Calcule une durée en ajoutant ou en soustrayant des années, mois, semaines, jours, heures, minutes et/ou secondes à partir d'une base. Par exemple: obtenez une durée en ajoutant 3.29 ans, 1.8 semaines et 982 secondes à l'heure du jour. Permets l'addition/soustraction de jours à une semaine pour obtenir une date.
  • Calcule les différences (années, mois, semaines, jours, heures, minutes, secondes) entre deux heures. Généralement utilisé pour obtenir des années/mois/semaines/jours/heures/minutes pour les événements passés/futurs basés sur l'heure comme naissance, mariage, anniversaire. Ainsi, à partir de l'heure courante, il vous suffira de changez un élément pour compter les années/mois/semaines/jours/heures/minutes/secondes de vos événements passés/futurs basés sur le temps présent. Par exemple: vous pouvez rapidement obtenir combien de temps vous avez déjà vécu.
  • Compte les jours et les weekends entre deux dates, par exemple : obtient facilement les jours de la semaine entre le 29 janvier 1819 et le 14 octobre 1981.
  • En convertissant divers éléments de date et de temps (jours, années, mois, semaines, minutes, secondes, heures), avec cet outil, vous pouvez facilement et rapidement connaître les réponses à certaines questions de conversion de durée comme «nombre de secondes dans une année».
  • Compare la durée entre un fuseau horaire et quatre autres fuseaux horaires spéciaux et répertorie les heures de tous les fuseaux horaires dans le monde pour l'heure donnée.
  • Calculez la date exacte d'un grand nombre de jours/secondes passés depuis la date de départ UNIX (Janvier 01, 1970) ou obtenez le nombre de jours/secondes UNIX/Linux correspondant en spécifiant une date, par ex. 15.551 jours indique 30 juil. 2012.
Tous les résultats ci-dessus sont affichés instantanément après avoir changé toutes les conditions. Pas besoin de cliquer sur "Calculer" ou "Compter".
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Objet: Recommandez le logiciel - Advanced Date Time Calculator: calcul/décompte complet de temps et date (de la part de 'votre nom ici')


J'utilise Advanced Date Time Calculator, c'est une calculatrice de date et heure complète qui permet d'obtenir la date et l'heure résultat, de calculer les différences et de compter le nombre de jours de la semaine, les jours de la semaine, les week-ends entre deux dates/heures, d'obtenir la conversion entre les différents éléments de date et l'heure, de calculer la date UNIX.

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Par Marshland @ 04/Jan/2022
A nice easy program to use.
As regards version 9.0 it has been very reliable and works with no problems. As a Family Historian I tend to use it for the past where it calculate dates of birth/death, periods and exact dates and tells me what day of the week events took place 100+ years ago. A nice easy program to use.

Par Blackhat @ 07/Oct/2021
this is perfect for working past and future date
Installed and registered without any issues. My work involves lots of dates and this is perfect for working past and future date. Nice and easy to use and saves a lot of time with minimum effort. Just the job. Thanks.

Par Tom P @ 29/Jun/2021
Works as advertised and pretty straight forward interface
Works as advertised and pretty straight forward interface. No learning curve with this. Thanks Developer.

Par Thomas Roberts @ 06/May/2021
I got some pleasant surprises
Downloaded & installed without problem on Win10 computer & my trials went without error & I got some pleasant surprises – enjoy the software – & thanks all!

Par Kestrel @ 21/Feb/2021
Works fine and certainly does well what it says it will
Installed without problem on Windows 10 and registered easily. Works fine and certainly does well what it says it will. Thank you.

Par Rick Martin @ 19/Feb/2021
Nice program for me
Downloaded and installed on Win 10 Pro and registered without hitch. I don’t have any other software that provides the functions that work well. I will keep it and use it as I find the need. Thanks Trisunsoft!

Par Hughjocapivvy @ 12/Dec/2020
a wonderful piece of software that does so many things with dates
Over the years I have found it to be a wonderful piece of software that does so many things with dates, and the time between dates. Even though you may think you will never need it, you are wrong - you will!! Thank you TriSun.

Par Brian @ 09/Aug/2020
Very useful Utility
Very useful Utility. If you have forgotten to set your camera to the current date and time when traveling overseas then this is another use for this program.

Par Nebulous @ 04/Jul/2020
A really phenomenal tool
A really phenomenal tool, and the "business days" function is unique as far as I know.

Par Nass @ 06/Feb/2020
nice one for me
Downloaded and installed with no problems. I checked the time difference between home and London England in early March and late March and saw the difference in the daylight savings time which is very helpful for me. I installed to my laptop so I can take it to the office and set the worldclocks. This has been difficult for me since different countries use different daylight savings times. This makes adjusting the clocks much easier!

Par ew @ 21/Sep/2019
Good for me.
It can used to calculate time difference when spliting videos with FFMPEG, like 00:03:47 - 00:07:15.

Par M. Aronson @ 21/Mar/2019
I've found it both useful and fun!
I used this before in a previous version. I've found it both useful and fun! Easy installation and registration. Thanks very much, TriSun Software!

Par BearPup @ 11/Feb/2019
its good enough that I bought a lifetime license
I've been using the software over the past year - its good enough that I bought a lifetime license. My usage? - I use it to keep track of prescription refills. Haven't missed one since I've started using this software. The program is simple to use, is lightweight on resources, and its accurate. If you have a need, this is the program to get.

Par Tata @ 18/Jun/2017
A useful program now and again
Got this last time it was offered and have found it very useful on occasions. You can add or abstracts various units of time from a date. Find the difference between two dates to the nearest second. Days of the week, tells you the number days of the week, number of weekdays and number of weekend between dates. Converter, when you put a number of time units in it calculates all the other time units, for instance if you put an hour in it will show you 60 min in the other unit area. The next function is UNIX date. A useful program now and again

Par M. Aronson @ 30/Sep/2016
Thanks so much
Smooth installation and registration; easy to use; a keeper for me! Thanks so much, TriSun Software.

Par Hughjocapivvy @ 16/Feb/2015
Thank you TriSun Software
This program was offered quite a while ago, I downloaded it then and used it on a good number of occasions. Unless you write your own stuff in MS Excel, there isn't really anything like this program. Thank you TriSun Software.

Par Techie Bear @ 20/May/2014
Very handy
I manage several dozen prescriptions for multiple people (long term care facility), and as part of that we write the next refill date on the top of each bottle. While 30 day scripts are easy enough to calculate, 45, 60, and 90 day scripts are more problematic. This piece of software completely erases that difficulty. Very handy, and a keeper. Thanks to TriSun Software.

Par XP-Man @ 24/Aug/2013
the program performed well and quickly
A few quick tests showed the program performed well and quickly presented the information in an easy to read manner.

Par JGF @ 07/Jun/2012
Sounds interesting
Sounds interesting; I often have need of knowing on what date a particular day fell or vice versa.

Par Alex @ 09/May/2011
quite useful
For quickly checking between 2 points in time, this is quite useful. Thanks

Par Kalei Lundberg @ 23/Sep/2010
This works like a charm
Thank you. I have recently needed to covert times to dates from countdown clocks. This works like a charm.

Par ric @ 21/Mar/2009
Very Good
Thanks to TriSun. I tried it. Very Good. There is no [Calculate] button. You have to key in the number of years and/or months / and/or weeks and/or days and/or hours and/or minutes. You can adjust by clicking the up/down arrow keys. Then within the cell, you press [Enter], that is the signal to the software to calculate. Do not click on the green arrows unless you wish to reset to zero. I cannot figure out the use of UNIX Date. So just leave that alone.

Par CRW @ 02/Nov/2008
I kind of like having this program
installed fine for me on 64-bit Win7. I do a lot of historical research where I need info like this and have relied on web based programs to tell me stuff like what day of the week something was in 1887. That’s worked fine for me, but I kind of like having this program to streamline it for me seperate from the web.

Par Nancy @ 05/Dec/2007
It is perfect for the home user
Thank you so much for this program. It is perfect for the home user, like me, who wants to do date conversions on their computer. I can use this even when I am not online and want to know how many days or weeks, etc. to someone’s birthday, Halloween or Christmas! It is a very easy program to use that even my grandchildren will have fun using it.

Par @ 20/Apr/2006
A date and time calculator that can also display the difference between two values or convert years, months, weeks and day in to other parameters
When you want to calculate how much time has passed between two specific dates (includes "calculate days between two dates") it is best to use dedicated utilities, no matter if they are online or on your PC. Advanced Date Time Calculator falls into the latter category, and it can provide you with several additional functions that can come in handy. Intuitive time and date calculator The application features a user-friendly GUI (graphic user interface) and, even if you are a beginner, you can access whichever tab you prefer. If you go for the first one, you can calculate what date it will be if you add several years, months, weeks or day to a specified date. Similarly, you can subtract years, months or days from a certain date. Moreover, you can also add or subtract hours, minutes or seconds if you are looking to obtain a very exact time and date. Calculate time between two dates Due to this application, you can also calculate how much time has passed between two certain dates (can be used as "time elapsed calculator" also). You first need to enter the day, month and year either manually, or using the integrated calendar. As soon as the two fields have been filled in, the utility automatically starts the calculation and displays the difference (such as "how many days between dates", "weeks between dates", etc.). You can copy the result to the clipboard, but only if you are interested in its generic form. In other words, you cannot copy the output expressed in elements, i.e. solely in years, months, weeks and so on. Count weekends and weekdays between two dates Another useful function of Advanced Date Time Calculator is that it can count how many weekdays and weekends have passed between two specified dates. It also shows how many Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, etc. have passed. All in all, this application can help you save time when planning events or simply converting time units from one value to another.

Par @ 13/Oct/2005
Advanced Date Time Calculator - a great tool for calculating the exact difference between two moments in time!
Knowing the exact time between two events may be useful in a number of situations. For instance, wouldn't it be nice to know how many days have passed since your birth? Or how many weeks you'll have to wait (and study through) before you graduate? Or, turning to a more practical side of things, how many days your deposit will be generating revenue for you until you withdraw it on your 33rd birthday? How many seconds will your program work until 3:45:33 PM tomorrow? Advanced Date Time Calculator answers all of these questions in style and gives you nearly unlimited power for calculating the time difference between two events. Advanced Date Time Calculator is a handy and easy to use tool that enables you to determine the day and time after/before the current day and time by adding/subtracting any number of years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds; determine the length of the period in any unites of time between two events; calculate the number of weeks, weekends and weekdays between any two dates; and works as a universal time converter. Although most users will be happy with up-to-hour or -minute accuracy, those looking for true precision will appreciate the ability of the program to instantly calculate the time difference down to the second. The program features a simple tabbed interface for ease of access to the key features. If you've been on the look for a compact, affordable and easy to use application for calculating the length of periods between any two events, you will hardly find a better candidate for the job than Advanced Date Time Calculator!

Par @ 21/Jan/2004
Instant Calculation of Date and Time Differences
Sure, your handy desk or online calendar does a pretty good job of letting you know what date occurs ten days from now, but that's not heavy lifting. What do you do when you need to figure out a certain date that's way off into the future, or back in the past? If it's critically important to be correct, you can't leave that up to the figuring in your head! That's why you need to get a copy of today's discount software promotion, Advanced Date Time Calculator! Advanced Date Time Calculator is a powerful time date calculator that can calculate result dates, differences in dates, days of the week, and more (also can be considered as an "elapsed time calculator", "time duration calculator" or "date duration calculator"). With Advanced Date Time Calculator, you'll have control over the most finely detailed date and time calculations, down to the very second. What's more, if you ever need to convert units of time, like when you need to know how many seconds are in three months, Advanced Date Time Calculator will handle these types of tasks without nary a hiccup. You can even calculate how much time has elapsed since a specific UNIX base date, which is useful for many programming functions. Precision is the name of the game when you use Advanced Date Time Calculator. With support for decimals and a thousands separator for numeric fields, you will never need another temporal calculator other than Advanced Date Time Calculator!

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