PC WorkBreak fournit des rappels appropriés pour réduire votre risque de microtraumatismes répétés. Il propose des rappels de pause multi-types tels que les micro-coupures, l'étirement, les exercices oculaires et la marche, en fonction du modèle d'utilisation de votre PC. Les taux de conformité au programme défini sont également fournis. Suivre un bon programme de pause aidera l'utilisateur intensif d'un PC à libérer le corps de la douleur induite par une longue séance ou une utilisation fréquente du clavier ou de la souris. Tous les paramètres de pause sont configurables et vous pouvez utiliser votre image ou animation préférée (gif) comme rappel de démo.
QuoteThis came at a great time for me--just when I needed it most. I've been trying to use another program that has a reminder function but I can't get it to work quite right (probably a user problem). Although I was hoping to avoid installing yet another one-solution program to gunk up my computer, I'm sure PC Workbreak is worth it. I remember using it a couple of years ago, maybe longer, when it was given away here but then uninstalled it because I didn't think I needed it. Now, because of medical issues, I DO need it. You must have read my mind, GOTD and TriSun. lol Thanks. - By Laurie Nelson
QuoteIt is a handy little programme with a nicely designed interface that's actually rather original for a change. - By BenAsp
QuoteWas diagnosed with a DVT and searched for a program to help me remember to get up and walk every so often. Thanks for the LIFE SAVING program. - By CARLO
QuoteHi, was looking for a break app and tested all of the ones as a blog said, and yours is the best. Thank you! - By Michael Schmitt
QuoteTake regular breaks from your computer work in order to ensure you will not suffer from Repetitive Strain Injuries, thanks to this handy tool - By Softpedia (RO)
QuotePC Workbreak is for keyboard diehards. Schedule your own breaks and a picture reminder stops you till an activity is done. You can Cancel, but it shows in your stats. Why not take 15 seconds to massage your eyes, or stretch, or 15 minutes to walk? Run it in the background from Startup folder. - By Stephen Partington (AU)
QuoteYou’ve been so caught up doing a job in front of a PC, that by the time you decide to take a break you notice that several marathon hours have just flown by. And when you get out of your office chair you can’t help but notice that your lower back aches, or your hands are stiff, or you have a crushing headache, your near sight is a blur, or you’ve all the above. And after that kind of work day you get up the very next morning and start all over again. A person’s body can only take so much abuse and by the time many, many, people figure that out, it just might be past the tipping point. So I think I’ll try PCWB before I get to the tipping point, if it already isn’t too late. - By Renegade
QuoteI’ve been looking for something exactly like this. I’m a writer, on the computer all day long, and I need to get up and do exercises every hour so I don’t turn into a marshmallow or something. The user interface is a little different, but not difficult to use, I like it. I can program the break time, what it’s for etc. looks perfect. - By Rick Sittel
QuoteI got a deep vein thrombosis in the leg for 6 months ago, and while I heal, I don’t sit with my legs in the same position for an extended period of time. This program can be usefull for some of us – if not for life – then for a period. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity to, Trisun Software. - By Allan
QuoteIf like me you are semi-addicted to browsing or working without interruption for hours at a time (e.g., copy editing), this is actually a useful program to have. It’s certainly worth a try. - By Wayne
QuoteSeems to be just fine, thanks Trisun, Nosa Lee. - By Thomas Roberts (CA)
QuoteLooks like a keeper, Thanks! - By Tony
QuoteI’ve been needing something like this to, hopefully, motivate me and remind me to stop working for a few minutes. Although I’m retired and in my 70’s, I still spend a lot of time on my computer, doing genealogy research, playing games, learning to use new software, etc. My body pays the toll when I spend too much time sitting. I haven’t played with this much yet, but I think it’s cool. Nice to see something different–especially not the awful MS ribbon. I’m also glad to see that PCWB has a couple of built-in break reminders that I need–take a walk and do eye exercises. I’m looking forward to trying out this tool. Thanks, PCWB developers. - By Nelson
TC Healthy Living (US)
Lifetime Montessori School (US)
Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (US)
Housingplus (NZ)
WestCoast Children's Clinic (US)
Big Bend Community College (US)
Blue Heron Investments, LLC (US) Oddbjørn Bukve si heimeside (NO)
Compatible with Windows 10 Compatible with Windows 8 Compatible with Windows 7 100% Clean! Softpedia's Rating

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J'utilise PC WorkBreak, il fournit des rappels appropriés pour réduire votre risque de blessures répétitives, il offre plusieurs type de rappels de pause tels que micro-pause, étirement, exercices oculaires et marche, basé sur le modèle d'utilisation de votre PC, et tous les paramètres sont configurables.

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Page officielle: https://www.trisunsoft.com/pc-work-break/
Téléchargement direct: https://www.trisunsoft.com/pc-work-break/pc-work-break.zip
Pour Windows Télécharger PC WorkBreak v10.1, 2,89 MO Télécharger