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Logo Name Version Size (KB) Manufacturer / Author Summary Date Added
Logo dukto R5 7,490 Raw material A free and powerful cross-platform LAN file transfer tool. Sep 12, 2012
Logo SymMover 1.0.1423 603 Moba Software Moves files intelligently by "soft links" to save your disk space. Oct 12, 2012
Logo FileOptimizer 2.10.135 11,676 Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro (Guti) A files compression optimizer, supports many file types, works in batch mode. Oct 12, 2012
Logo LYZ Stopwatch and Timer 1.7.2 62 LYZ A simple but stylish countdown and timer tool. Oct 12, 2012
Logo Classic Shell 3.6.1 8,505 Ivo Beltchev Skips the Windows8 start screen and displays the Start menu. Oct 13, 2012
Logo Image Resize Guide 1.4 3,534 Tint Guide A smart image resizing, shrinking and removing something tool. Oct 13, 2012
Logo PNGGauntlet 3.1.2 900 Benjamin Hollis Compresses PNG images in batch mode. Oct 13, 2012
Logo LoadScout 3.0 1,034 SoftLogica Previews local or remote (HTTP/FTP) compressed package. Oct 14, 2012
Logo ArchiveClipboard 12.8.13 3,325 ArchiveClipboard A cute and convenient Clipboard manager. Oct 14, 2012
Logo Belvedere 0.7.1 1,360 Adam Pash Sorts and archives your files automatically. Oct 14, 2012
Logo LockCD 1.2 514 ed123 Quickly locks your CD-ROM to avoid ejecting. Oct 17, 2012
Logo Unlimited Mouse 1.0 81 Hosam Hasan Ershedat Let mouse out of the screen, and move the pointer freely - up-down, left-right. Oct 17, 2012
Logo Drag'n'Drop Editor 1.0 99 Sergey Tkachenko Changes the drag-and-drop behavior (Copy, Move, Create Shortcut) in Windows Explorer. Oct 17, 2012
Logo Dimensions 2 Folders 1.0.6 352 Skwire Empire Quickly classify your images by dimensions. Oct 17, 2012
Logo HyperCam 1.27 127 Hyperionics Technology, LLC A small but poweful screen recording software. Oct 17, 2012