Download 100% Freeware, FREE download v3.6.1 for Microsoft® Windows®, 8.3 MB.

# Manufacturer/Author: Ivo Beltchev

# Tested Operating System(s): Windows 7 x64

# TSSI Review & Manual

Since Windows 8 RTM is released, many users also start to experience the new generation of Windows operating system, but the Metro interface is so controversial.

If you do not like the Windows 8 start screen and cannot give up the classical Start menu, you can try Classic Shell. It can help you to skip the Windows 8 start screen, and provides you with three styles Start menus. Of course, Classic Shell also provides you with many other settings for Windows 8.

# Screenshot(s)

Classic Shell 1 Classic Shell 2 Classic Shell 3

# Defect(s)

  • Too big with these features.