Download 100% Freeware, FREE download v3.1.2 for Microsoft® Windows®, 900 KB.

# Manufacturer/Author: Benjamin Hollis

# Tested Operating System(s): Windows 7 x64

# TSSI Review & Manual

PNGgauntlet is a PNG images compressing tool. It can reduce the PNG file size, but keep the image quality magically.

Except compressing, it also supports to convert JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP images to PNG files.

# Screenshot(s)

PNGGauntlet 1 PNGGauntlet 2 PNGGauntlet 3

# Defect(s)

  • Needs .NET 4.0, on Windows XP/7, it is not friendly.
  • The transferring speed is slow.