Download 100% Freeware, FREE download v1.91 for Microsoft® Windows®, 486 KB.

# Manufacturer/Author: Nenad Hrg

# Tested Operating System(s): Windows 7 x64

# TSSI Review & Manual

With the popular computer age, we will come into contact with PPT inevitably. Most schools also use multimedia (especially PPT) to replace the traditional chalk writing on the blackboard.

PointerStick is a mouse/teaching assistant software, it can add a pointing stick to mouse pointer, and let you to indicate to the audiences more clearly during you explaining. Of course, PointerStick can be used to indicate anything/any program on your screen.

I think it is more applicable to the school teachers, because they generally explaining PPT with sitting and do not use the laser pointer.

# Screenshot(s)

PointerStick 1 PointerStick 2

# Defect(s)

  • Cannot set the angle of the pointer stick.
  • I think it should provide exiting by clicking a tray icon menu item feature.