Download 100% Freeware, FREE download 2.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 529 KB.

# Manufacturer/Author: Dancemammal

# Tested Operating System(s): Windows 7 x64

# TSSI Review & Manual

It can hide the text in an image, and provides you with the encryption way to protect your privacy. So, you can use pictures to communicate (use them in email or IM tool) if necessary, you can also add the description for an image. Of course, you need to read the text from images by using ImageHide. One more thing, it only supports to save the encryption images as bmp or png format.

The usage is so easy: open a picture, write your text, click <Write Data> and the click <Save Image> to make the creation.

# Screenshot(s)

ImageHide 1

# Defect(s)

  • Hard to read the documentation on the Help interface due to it is very slowly to scrolling the text.