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What is Visual Graph?
50 Technical Features
Getting Started
Abundant Graphic Libraries
File Format
Online Demo (IE Only)
Common Applications
Visual Graph Online Demo
Quick Start (e.g. Wiring Diagram)
Graph Design Mode (One Control)
Graph Design Mode (Multi-control)
Graph Run Mode (One Control)
Graph Run Mode (Multi-control)
Create Unit from XML String
Design & Run a SCADA Graph
Design & Run a Modal Dialog
Run a Modeless Dialog
Use Document Coordinate
Use Paper
Zoom & Move Graph
Draw Units by Mouse
Add a Unit
Copy a Unit
Use Timer
Resize a Unit
Use Unit Link
Use Element Control Point
Customize Unit Properties
Create & Use Popup Menu
Basic Unit Properties
Call Javascript
Use Table

Visual Graph Online Demo - Quick Start (e.g. Wiring Diagram)

Please click on this graph to know which element you clicked, to know how to use Visual Graph in Javascript, please view the HTML source code.

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