Power Industry Various power applications, such as: SCADA systems, distribution network SCADA systems, graphical ticket system, network topology graph analysis, dispatcher training simulation systems, line loss management system, reactive power optimization of control systems, remote carrier meter reading systems, etc. Power Industry Application
Coal Industry Coal monitoring software, underground personnel positioning system, roadway topology analysis, simulation and other underground graphical interface, you can also use it in your WEB-based coal safety monitoring system. Coal Industry Application
Industrial Control/Simulation Various industrial configuration software, simulation systems, the graph is better than the self-developed software, more modular, easier to maintain. There are already many well-known configuration software companies as partners. Industrial Control/Simulation Application
Geographic Information Small and medium-sized geographic information systems, perfect map editing features, multiple layers, graphic outline, rich fill patterns and line shape. Can convert graphic formats of existing GIS platform, obvious advantages. Geographic Information Application
Graphics Management Various graphics management software, support multi-page, custom graphics library, graphics can also be grouped for management. Can identify and manipulate each graph by mouse. Graphics Management Application
Graphical Topology Graphical topology analysis system, a variety of connection relationships can be established between graphs, you can also custom the connection points of components, can do any complex analysis of Network structure. Graphical Topology Application
Vector Graphics A variety of vector drawing software, such as building structure, floor plan, the bridge construction plans, fire-fighting facilities map, and a variety of CAD drawing conversion, in addition, you can convert vector graphics from to Visio, Office to this system (still vector). Vector Graphics Application
Report Form A variety of forms and tables system, especially the complex forms and tables that cannot be implemented in other software. A customer has used the system to draw in a thousand pieces of form that used on the web, has proved to be very good, currently widely used. Report Form Application
Chemical Industry Various industrial configuration software, simulation systems, coal, petroleum, chemical, building and other industries, the graph is better than the self-developed software, more modular, easier to maintain. Many chemical companies are already using. Chemical Industry Application