Date Time Counter est utilisé pour compter les années, mois, semaines, jours, heures, minutes et secondes pour vos événements importants passés/futurs en fonction de l'heure actuelle, comme la naissance, le mariage et l'anniversaire. Pour les événements futurs, c'est comme un compte à rebours, pour les événements passés, c'est un traqueur de temps.

Vos événements seront affichés dans une vue innovante, et leurs apparences sont hautement personnalisables, telles que la couleur, la police et l'affichage des éléments de temps. Et vous pouvez classer vos événements par étiquettes personnalisables.

Vous pouvez également définir les apparences par défaut pour les étiquettes et les événements.

Si vous êtes très rigoureux, ou si vous aimez suivre le compte à rebours de certains événements importants, cela sera utile.

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Objet: Recommandez un logiciel 100% GRATUIT - Date Time Counter: Un compte à rebours d'événements et un traqueur de temps (de la part de «votre nom ici»)


J'utilise Date Time Counter, c'est un compte à rebours/traqueur de temps pour compter les années, mois, semaines, jours, heures, minutes et secondes de vos événements importants (tels que naissance, mariage et anniversaire) en fonction de l'heure actuelle.

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Par randirandi @ 22/Sep/2021
Cool software
Cool software. Pros: Lots of options.

Par CJ Cotter @ 06/Nov/2020
I will put this software to VERY good use!
Since childhood, I've been a fanatic geek about clocks and time mechanisms. My dream room is the clock room Michael J Fox woke up in, in the opening scene of the first "Back to the Future" movie. So, software like this really does it for me. I have quite a collection of "time" software: countdown, astronomical, moon phase, calendars...all of which I do use. I can't get enough. There are events in my life that I need to keep track of. I will put this software to VERY good use! Thank you for offering it!

Par Patrick Ross @ 12/Feb/2018
Thanks for a very cool item
Basically, I just wanted to say I love the simplicity and functionality of the program. Thanks for a very cool item which helps to remind me of upcoming events such as a cousins wedding, birthdays, expiring contracts, etc...

Par Ajay Patel @ 14/Nov/2017
Very nice Softawer
Very nice Softawer

Par Viran Bhatt @ 03/Dec/2016
Good program
Good program

Par Angel @ 23/Apr/2015
A useful tool
A useful tool, maybe I can recommend this product to my loyal customers.

Par XP-Man @ 16/Feb/2014
A really nicely well thought out piece of programming
Simple installation and registration, on opening a pleasant and easy to read interface. Presents in tabular form the time between the present and future/past events; these events can have a different colour. The fonts used can also be changed. The time difference is presented in years, months, weeks, days, hours and second; the precision can be set for each of these time intervals. A really nicely well thought out piece of programming.

Par Franki @ 25/Sep/2013
Nice little novelty program
Nice little novelty program - input your birthday or wedding day, for example, and find out how much time has elapsed in years, months, weeks, days, and seconds. Same goes for upcoming retirement, vacation, etc.

Par @ 03/Oct/2012
Date Time Counter - a super precise time counter for past and future events
We all have important dates in our lives that we just cannot forget about. And we also have plans for the future and events that are getting closer with every passing day. Knowing the exact amount of time since or till a specific event may be very helpful in a number of situations. It's good to know how much time we have for buying a present, how much longer we need to wait before finally going home or how much time we still have to fulfill a specific career or personal goal. Date Time Counter is a small, but very convenient tool that makes date and time calculations a breeze. The software was specifically designed to allow users to instantly find out how much time has passed since a particular event in the past or how much time remains till a future event or milestone. In the latter case, the program works as a regular countdown clock. The program has an intuitive interface based on a table with multiple columns representing units of time measurement: years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. You can adjust the precision of time calculations and set the preferred update period. Your list of events can be easily saved to an XML file and loaded from one. Specific time values can be copied to the clipboard using a context menu command or a hotkey combination. Date Time Counter is a perfectly functional and easy to use tool that instantly calculates the total time remaining till or elapsed since a particular event and represents this value in different time units, so if you just happened to be looking for such a program, grab a trial version right away!

Par @ 05/Sep/2011
You can keep track of the years, months, minutes and even the seconds of the most significant past and future events in your life with this minimalistic application
You can keep track of the years, months, minutes and even the seconds of the most significant past and future events in your life with this minimalistic application Date Time Counter is a small software application designed specifically for helping you count how much time has passed for important events from your life. It works as a countdown timer (e.g. birthday countdown days) for future events and timetracker for past projects. Clean feature lineup This time tracking software implements an intuitive behavior so even less experienced users can easily discover and tweak its functions. You can build up a list with multiple events and view information about each one, such as event timer countdown, type (past or future), date and time, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Additionally, you can check out the current date and time revealed in the main panel. Creating a new event Date Time Counter gives you the possibility to generate a new event by specifying the title, picking the type (past or future), selecting the date from a built-in calendar, and entering a custom time. What's more, you are allowed to edit or delete the selected event, perform search operations, copy the selected value to the clipboard (e.g. event, date and time, weeks, days, hours), as well as save data to XML file format, so you can upload it in your future projects. Last but not least, the program lets you refresh the current information at a user-defined time (in seconds), alter the text in terms of font and size, and change the foreground colors for the past and future events. Performance Tests have shown that Date Time Counter carries out a task quickly and without errors. It doesn't eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected. An overall excellent countdown timer/time tracker All in all, Date Time Counter proves to be a reliable application that comes bundled with a handy suite of features in order to help you manage your past or future events.

Par @ 23/Jun/2010
The Only Countdown Timer You'll Ever Need
Graduating? Getting married? Having a baby? Getting out of prison? What do all of these things have in common? They're all important events worthy of counting down the years, months, days, hours, and minutes! But instead of checking off a box on a calendar, why not leverage the full power of computers to do it much more accurately, with today's discount software promotion, Date Time Counter! Date Time Counter is a event countdown timer that tracking time remaining for your future important things, such as years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds since or to any event that you specify. With Date Time Counter, all of these numbers are refreshed automatically on the main view, at a rate that you can adjust. At any given time, you can copy the value of any field to your clipboard, save and load events, and more. As expected from software of this caliber, you can also change the foreground colors of event types and adjust font selection and size. Events can be saved and loaded as data files in the XML format, meaning you can keep separate files for important events, sorted by family member or function, to be loaded as you need to! Date Time Counter is pretty much everything you ever would need in a countdown/timer application!

Par @ 02/Dec/2009
Date Time Counter is a simple program that calculates every conceivable time angle on an event, whether it is in the past or the future.
Ever wonder how many seconds you've been alive? Or how many minutes until school starts next month? Date Time Counter is a simple program that calculates every conceivable time angle on an event, whether it is in the past or the future. Despite its simplistic layout, this program's interface is a bit confusing at first because it lacks any user guidance. A blank grid sits under a row of command buttons. The icons include New, Save, Calculator, Modifier, and other commands. Users will want to start with the New button. A simple box pops up when a new entry is created, prompting users to enter the name of the event, a date and time, and whether it is a future or past event. After that, it appears on the screen with all the data filled in, counting up or counting down to the event. For example, someone who entered his birthday will have all of the columns filled, even down to the seconds adding up from your birth. The program also includes a monitor for how long you are working on a project as well as a calculator that can add the time between two specific dates together. The program offers a 36-use trial, which should be ample time to learn the program, even with some of its navigation issues. Sure, it has limited appeal, but if you have a burning need for calculations like this, Date Time Counter is for you.

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