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5 Icons Income Logo   5 Icons Income 5 Icons Income uses the original 5-icon viewpoint to visualize your incomes... 438 KB, for Windows®  Download
Email & Emailing Solution Logo

Email & Emailing Solution

Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition Logo   Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition Sends automatic birthday wishes & season's greetings... 1.7 MB, for Windows®  Download
1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer Logo   1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer Sends the personalized emails one by one for emarketing/greeting... 936 KB, for Windows®  Download
Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition Logo   Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition Powerful email scheduler for sending message automatically... 1.88 MB MB, for Windows®  Download
Email Checker Pro Logo   Email Checker Pro Verify if email addresses are valid & really existing in batch mode... 1.29 MB, for Windows®  Download
Auto Mail Sender™ File Edition Logo   Auto Mail Sender™ File Edition Uses your files to send emails automatically at anytime... 1.38 MB, for Windows®  Download
TSSI .NET SMTP Component Logo   TSSI .NET SMTP Component Develops (E)SMTP based eMailing applications in .NET framework... 125 KB, for .NET  Download
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PDF Helper Solution

A PC software products collection that focuses on PDF assistants. Now it contains PDF to DOC, PDF to JPG (Supports Command Line Interface), PDF to HTML, PDF to Text (Supports Command Line Interface) and PDF to X (DOC/RTF/HTML/JPG/GIF/PNG/BMP/TIF/PCX/TGA and TXT files)...
Personal/Home Solution Logo

Personal/Home Solution

PC WorkBreak Logo   PC WorkBreak Provides proper reminders to reduce your RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) risk... 2.18 MB, for Windows®  Download
Date Time Counter Logo   Date Time Counter A countdown timer/time tracker for your important events, e.g. birth, marriage... 449 KB, for Windows®  Download
Easy Work Time Calculator Logo   Easy Work Time Calculator Calculates/counts time consumption of your works by hours and more... 485 KB, for Windows®  Download
Advanced Date Time Calculator Logo   Advanced Date Time Calculator Full-featured date time calculator, get time related result instantly... 436 KB, for Windows®  Download
Windows Explorer Solution Logo

Windows Explorer Solution

Logo   Duplicate File Finder Plus Quick Find and Clean the Duplicate Files Relied on Their Content... 397 KB, for Windows®  Download
Logo   1Tree Basic Gets all folders size in 1 treeview to make the manual disk cleaning easily... 545 KB, for Windows®  Download
Logo   Duplicate Photo Finder Plus Quick Find and Clean the Duplicate Pictures Relied on Their Content... 400 KB, for Windows®  Download
Logo   1Tree Pro Gets all drives/folders/files size in 1 treeview, supports to operate resources in batch... 549 KB, for Windows®  Download
Logo   Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus Quick Find and Clean the Duplicate Audio Relied on Their Content... 405 KB, for Windows®  Download
Advanced Recent Access Logo   Advanced Recent Access See more properties of your recent used resources (files and directories)... 588 KB, for Windows®  Download
Programming Solution Logo

Programming Solution

TSSI .NET SMTP Component Logo   TSSI .NET SMTP Component Develops (E)SMTP based eMailing applications in .NET framework... 125 KB, for .NET  Download
Visual Graph Logo   Visual Graph ActiveX Component A powerful industrial graph ActiveX component... 6.66 MB, for Windows®  Download

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QuoteBasically, I just wanted to say I love the simplicity and functionality of the program.
Thanks for a very cool item which helps to remind me of upcoming events such as a cousins wedding, birthdays, expiring contracts, etc... - By Patrick Ross (CA) for Date Time Counter

Quote1. My first impressions of the value of ARA are very positive, and thank you for a first class support response to resolve a problem with Windows settings. 2. Almost too much information but the filters are really useful. Had a glitch with Windows 7 as the checkbox for 'Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar' was not checked in Windows itself. Support staff were extremely prompt and helpful in tracking this down even though it wasn't actually a problem with their program at all! - To me that says a lot! Will now be looking at their other software too. - By Tony W Haynes for Advanced Recent Access

QuoteI installed Advanced Recent Access today and it does show recently accessed files fairly quickly. It takes a little longer for it to show external drive's file access, but I still really enjoy this feature. - By Jeanie Kiser for Advanced Recent Access

QuoteNice. Win 10 x64 Pro. Initial start is a fast display of lots of recent files. Can customize that output as to types. Seems set to auto-run for next boot up. Will try it for a few days but does seem productivity helper if one does a wide variety of work over various of folders. Put in on D drive, seems ok there. Has a file manager look to it so I know I'll be all over it since in/out of tablet mode & desktop as well as wide range of diff apps daily. - By Frank User for Advanced Recent Access

QuoteA few quick tests showed the program performed well and quickly presented the information in an easy to read manner. - By XP-Man for Advanced Date Time Calculator

QuoteSounds interesting; I often have need of knowing on what date a particular day fell or vice versa. - By JGF for Advanced Date Time Calculator

QuoteInstalled without problem on Windows 10 and registered easily. Works fine and certainly does well what it says it will. Thank you. - By Kestrel for Advanced Date Time Calculator

QuoteThank you. I have recently needed to covert times to dates from countdown clocks. This works like a charm. - By Kalei Lundberg for Advanced Date Time Calculator

QuoteDownloaded & installed without problem on Win10 computer & my trials went without error & I got some pleasant surprises – enjoy the software – & thanks all! - By Thomas Roberts for Advanced Date Time Calculator

QuoteThanks to TriSun. I tried it. Very Good. There is no [Calculate] button. You have to key in the number of years and/or months / and/or weeks and/or days and/or hours and/or minutes. You can adjust by clicking the up/down arrow keys. Then within the cell, you press [Enter], that is the signal to the software to calculate. Do not click on the green arrows unless you wish to reset to zero. I cannot figure out the use of UNIX Date. So just leave that alone. - By ric for Advanced Date Time Calculator

Quoteinstalled fine for me on 64-bit Win7. I do a lot of historical research where I need info like this and have relied on web based programs to tell me stuff like what day of the week something was in 1887. That’s worked fine for me, but I kind of like having this program to streamline it for me seperate from the web. - By CRW for Advanced Date Time Calculator

QuoteDownloaded and installed on Win 10 Pro and registered without hitch. I don’t have any other software that provides the functions that work well. I will keep it and use it as I find the need. Thanks Trisunsoft! - By Rick Martin for Advanced Date Time Calculator

QuoteThank you so much for this program. It is perfect for the home user, like me, who wants to do date conversions on their computer. I can use this even when I am not online and want to know how many days or weeks, etc. to someone’s birthday, Halloween or Christmas! It is a very easy program to use that even my grandchildren will have fun using it. - By Nancy for Advanced Date Time Calculator

QuoteI’ve been needing something like this to, hopefully, motivate me and remind me to stop working for a few minutes. Although I’m retired and in my 70’s, I still spend a lot of time on my computer, doing genealogy research, playing games, learning to use new software, etc. My body pays the toll when I spend too much time sitting. I haven’t played with this much yet, but I think it’s cool. Nice to see something different–especially not the awful MS ribbon. I’m also glad to see that PCWB has a couple of built-in break reminders that I need–take a walk and do eye exercises. I’m looking forward to trying out this tool. Thanks, PCWB developers. - By Nelson for PC WorkBreak

QuoteLooks like a keeper, Thanks! - By Tony for PC WorkBreak

QuoteSeems to be just fine, thanks Trisun, Nosa Lee. - By Thomas Roberts (CA) for PC WorkBreak

QuoteIf like me you are semi-addicted to browsing or working without interruption for hours at a time (e.g., copy editing), this is actually a useful program to have. It’s certainly worth a try. - By Wayne for PC WorkBreak

QuoteI got a deep vein thrombosis in the leg for 6 months ago, and while I heal, I don’t sit with my legs in the same position for an extended period of time. This program can be usefull for some of us – if not for life – then for a period. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity to, Trisun Software. - By Allan for PC WorkBreak

QuoteI’ve been looking for something exactly like this. I’m a writer, on the computer all day long, and I need to get up and do exercises every hour so I don’t turn into a marshmallow or something. The user interface is a little different, but not difficult to use, I like it. I can program the break time, what it’s for etc. looks perfect. - By Rick Sittel for PC WorkBreak

QuoteYou’ve been so caught up doing a job in front of a PC, that by the time you decide to take a break you notice that several marathon hours have just flown by. And when you get out of your office chair you can’t help but notice that your lower back aches, or your hands are stiff, or you have a crushing headache, your near sight is a blur, or you’ve all the above. And after that kind of work day you get up the very next morning and start all over again. A person’s body can only take so much abuse and by the time many, many, people figure that out, it just might be past the tipping point. So I think I’ll try PCWB before I get to the tipping point, if it already isn’t too late. - By Renegade for PC WorkBreak

QuoteWas diagnosed with a DVT and searched for a program to help me remember to get up and walk every so often. Thanks for the LIFE SAVING program. - By CARLO for PC WorkBreak

QuoteHi, was looking for a break app and tested all of the ones as a blog said, and yours is the best. Thank you! - By Michael Schmitt for PC WorkBreak

QuoteTake regular breaks from your computer work in order to ensure you will not suffer from Repetitive Strain Injuries, thanks to this handy tool - By Softpedia (RO) for PC WorkBreak

QuotePC Workbreak is for keyboard diehards. Schedule your own breaks and a picture reminder stops you till an activity is done. You can Cancel, but it shows in your stats. Why not take 15 seconds to massage your eyes, or stretch, or 15 minutes to walk? Run it in the background from Startup folder. - By Stephen Partington (AU) for PC WorkBreak

QuoteCool software. Pros: Lots of options. - By randirandi for Date Time Counter

QuoteSince childhood, I've been a fanatic geek about clocks and time mechanisms. My dream room is the clock room Michael J Fox woke up in, in the opening scene of the first "Back to the Future" movie. So, software like this really does it for me. I have quite a collection of "time" software: countdown, astronomical, moon phase, calendars...all of which I do use. I can't get enough. There are events in my life that I need to keep track of. I will put this software to VERY good use! Thank you for offering it! - By CJ Cotter for Date Time Counter

QuoteGreat tracking! Open the window, watch the magic, keeps logs of everything going on and a while down the road, you can view past happenings, log files, etc... I think this is a great software to see what's going on, especially if you do something and forget, like move a file etc... definitely worth a 5 stars. - By gimpguy on for Windows Explorer Tracker (100% FREE)

QuoteMensch. Gottseidank habe ich das Tool wieder gefunden. Hatte es schon einmal und es war super. Danke für das Posten! :) - By Srednjak on for Windows Explorer Tracker (100% FREE)

QuoteLooks simple but effective. - Katherine Fisher@MSDA for File & Folder Lister (100% FREE)

QuoteA little promo for TSSI: Keymusic plays a tone for every keypress, so you make music as you type. Run this program in the background from Startup folder. - By Stephen Partington (AU) for KeyMusic (100% FREE)


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