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5 Icons Income Logo 5 Icons Income Uses the original 5-icon viewpoint to visualize your incomes... 602 KB, for Windows®  Download
eMail & eMailing Solution Logo

eMail & eMailing Solution

AMSSE Logo Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition A powerful eMail scheduler for sending eMails automatically since 2004... 1.15 MB, for Windows®  Download
Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition Logo Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition Sends automatic birthday wishes & season's greetings... 1.83 MB, for Windows®  Download
Email Checker Pro Logo Email Checker Pro Verify eMail addresses are valid & really existing in batch mode... 1.29 MB, for Windows®  Download
Auto Mail Sender™ File Edition Logo Auto Mail Sender™ File Edition Uses files to send emails automatically at anytime... 1.38 MB, for Windows®  Download
TriSun Software .NET SMTP Component Develops (E)SMTP based eMailing applications in .NET framework... 125 KB, for .NET  Download
PDF Helper Solution Logo

PDF Helper Solution

A PC software products collection that focuses on PDF assistants. Contains PDF to DOC, PDF to JPG (Supports Command Line Interface), PDF to HTML, PDF to Text (Supports Command Line Interface) and PDF to X (DOC/RTF/HTML/JPG/GIF/PNG/BMP/TIF/PCX/TGA and TXT files)...
Personal/Home Solution Logo

Personal/Home Solution

PC WorkBreak Logo PC WorkBreak Provides proper reminders to reduce your RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) risk... 2.23 MB, for Windows®  Download
Date Time Counter Logo Date Time Counter Countdown timer/time tracker for important events, e.g. birth, marriage... 602 KB, for Windows®  Download
Easy Work Time Calculator Logo Easy Work Time Calculator Calculates/counts time consumption of your jobs by hours and more... 638 KB, for Windows®  Download
Advanced Date Time Calculator Logo Advanced Date Time Calculator Full-featured date time calculator, get time related result instantly... 589 KB, for Windows®  Download
Windows Explorer Solution Logo

Windows Explorer Solution

Logo Windows Explorer Tracker Trace/monitor and record the operations for Windows automatically... 1.05 MB, for Windows®  Download
Logo 1Tree Basic Gets folder sizes in 1 treeview to make manual disk cleaning easily... 770 KB, for Windows®  Download
Logo Duplicate File Finder Plus Quick find and clean duplicate files relied on their content... 549 KB, for Windows®  Download
Logo 1Tree Pro Gets all drives/folders/files size in 1 treeview, supports to operate resources in batch... 772 KB, for Windows®  Download
Logo Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus Quick find and clean the duplicate audio relied on their content... 558 KB, for Windows®  Download
Advanced Recent Access Logo Advanced Recent Access See more properties of recent used files / directories... 599 KB, for Windows®  Download
Logo Duplicate Photo Finder Plus Quick find and clean the duplicate pictures relied on their content... 553 KB, for Windows®  Download
Programming Solution Logo

Programming Solution

TriSun Software .NET SMTP Component Logo TriSun Software .NET SMTP Component Develops (E)SMTP based eMailing applications in .NET framework... 125 KB, for .NET  Download
Visual Graph Logo Visual Graph ActiveX Component A powerful industrial graph ActiveX component... 6.66 MB, for Windows®  Download

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Note: just list one testimonial for a product here, you can click the product name to read more testimonials on the product page.

QuoteBasically, I just wanted to say I love the simplicity and functionality of the program.
Thanks for a very cool item which helps to remind me of upcoming events such as a cousins wedding, birthdays, expiring contracts, etc... - By Patrick Ross (CA) for Date Time Counter
QuoteI installed Advanced Recent Access today and it does show recently accessed files fairly quickly. It takes a little longer for it to show external drive's file access, but I still really enjoy this feature. - By Jeanie Kiser for Advanced Recent Access
QuoteA few quick tests showed the program performed well and quickly presented the information in an easy to read manner. - By XP-Man for Advanced Date Time Calculator
QuoteWas diagnosed with a DVT and searched for a program to help me remember to get up and walk every so often. Thanks for the LIFE SAVING program. - By CARLO for PC WorkBreak
QuoteGreat tracking! Open the window, watch the magic, keeps logs of everything going on and a while down the road, you can view past happenings, log files, etc... I think this is a great software to see what's going on, especially if you do something and forget, like move a file etc... definitely worth a 5 stars. - By gimpguy on for Windows Explorer Tracker
QuoteLooks simple but effective. - Katherine Fisher@MSDA for File & Folder Lister (100% FREE)
QuoteA little promo for TriSun Software: Keymusic plays a tone for every keypress, so you make music as you type. Run this program in the background from Startup folder. - By Stephen Partington (AU) for KeyMusic (100% FREE)


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Note: our products are not natively Mac compatible. However you can run it without any issues using a Windows emulator like Parallels Desktop.