Advanced Recent Access is designed to see and open more recent used resources (files and directories). And you can see more properties of the recent resources, such as path, size, type, date modified and date created.
Descriptions in Other Languages


Advanced Recent Access został stworzony do zobaczenia ostatnio używanych zasobów (pliki i katalogi).

Kluczowe funkcje
  • Można zobaczyć właściwości ostatnich zasobów, jak ścieżki, rozmiar, typ, data modyfikacji i utworzenia.
  • Automatyczny rejestr czasu dostępu.
  • Automatycznie usuwa nieistniejące ostatnie zasoby.
  • Można szybko filtrować ostatnie zasoby przez ich rodzaje, jak katalogi, dokumenty, obrazy, audio, widea, skompresowane i inne.
  • Można sortować ostatnie zasoby przez wszystkie powyższe właściwości.
  • Wyświetla najnowsze zasoby.
  • Automatycznie odświeża najnowszą listę zasobów.
  • Automatycznie zapamiętuje kolejność i szerokość kolumn, położenie kolumn.
  • Automatycznie zapamiętuje rozmiar i położenie okna głównego.
  • Można ukryć niektóre kolumny, które nie chcesz zobaczyć.
Download Download v4.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 599 KB, Updated at Oct 28, 2015

Tiếng Việt

Advanced Recent Access được tạo để xem chi tiết về tài nguyên vừa dùng gần đây (tệp tin và thư mục).

Tính năng nổi bật
  • Xem chi tiết về những tài nguyên vừa dùng, ví dụ: đường dẫn, kích thước, loại, ngày sửa đổi, ngày tạo.
  • Tự động ghi lại thời gian truy cập.
  • Tự động xoá tài nguyên vừa dùng không tồn tại.
  • Nhanh chóng lọc tài nguyên vừa dùng bằng loại, ví dụ thư mục, tài liệu, ảnh, âm thanh, videos, tệp tin nén và loại khác.
  • Sắp xếp tài nguyên vừa sử dụng bằng các thuộc tính kể trên.
  • Hiển thị bộ đếm tài nguyên vừa dùng.
  • Tự động làm mới danh sách tài nguyên vừa dùng.
  • Tự động lưu lại danh sách và độ dài bản ghi, phân loại cột và thứ tự.
  • Tự động lưu lại kích thước và thư mục của cửa sổ chính.
  • Có thể ẩn một vài cột nếu không muốn xem.
Download Download v4.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 599 KB, Updated at Oct 28, 2015


Advanced Recent Access 用来查看最近使用资源(文件和目录)的更多细节。

  • 能查看最近使用资源的更多属性,比如路径、大小、类型、修改日期及创建日期。
  • 自动记录访问次数。
  • 自动删除不存在的最近使用资源。
  • 能根据类型快速过滤最近使用资源,比如目录、文档、图片、音频、视频、压缩包及其他。
  • 能按以上任何属性对最近使用资源排序。
  • 显示最近使用资源条目数。
  • 自动刷新最近使用资源列表。
  • 自动记录各列次序及宽度、排序列及顺序。
  • 自动记录主界面位置及大小。
  • 能隐藏您不想看到的任何列。
Download Download v4.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 599 KB, Updated at Oct 28, 2015


Advanced Recent Access 用來檢視最近使用資源(檔案和資料夾)的更多細節。

  • 能檢視最近使用資源的更多屬性,比如路徑、大小、類型、修改日期及建立日期。
  • 自動記錄存取次數。
  • 自動刪除不存在的最近使用資源。
  • 能根據類型快速過濾最近使用資源,比如資料夾、文件、圖片、音訊、視訊、壓縮包及其他。
  • 能按以上任何屬性對最近使用資源排序。
  • 顯示最近使用資源條目數。
  • 自動重新整理最近使用資源列表。
  • 自動記錄各欄位次序及寬度、排序欄位及順序。
  • 自動記錄主畫面位置及大小。
  • 能隱藏您不想看到的任何欄位。
Download Download v4.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 599 KB, Updated at Oct 28, 2015

Softpedia's Review

QuoteA lightweight and efficient application that was designed to help you see and open your recent used resources, in just a few clicks

Advanced Recent Access is an intuitive and reliable piece of software aimed to provide you with the ability of easily opening the files you have worked with lately, without having to manually locate them on your computer, which can sometimes quite a while.

Clean and approachable looks

The application's main window features a simple and no-nonsense appearance, listing all the relevant items in a list, along with several details about their size, path, format, and others.

At the same time, the filters allow you to display only the types of files you want to work with, for instance 'Documents', 'Images', 'Audio', 'Video' or 'Compressed'.

Advanced Recent Access' ribbon offers you a series of functions, which are also available from the context menu, such as 'Open / Run', 'Open Location' or 'Move To Recycle Bin'.

Find, run or delete your files

The program is meant to assist you in your daily work on the computer, providing you with streamlined means of getting to your most recent files, sparing you from having to waste time finding them on your PC. If the list is too extensive, the 'Find' function can get you to your file more quickly.

Advanced Recent Access analyzes and displays all of the objects you have used, regardless of their format, yet it offers you the possibility of grouping them based on their type. Aside from displaying the file path, size or format, the tool enables you to view the exact 'Date Modified' and 'Date Created'.

The utility allows you to also clean your system by helping you remove certain items that you no longer need. Moreover, you can access a file's location folder or view its 'Properties'.

A tool to provide you with quick access to your files

To conclude, Advanced Recent Access is an efficient and user-friendly program which serves in keeping track of all your recent files, enabling you to launch them with just a click, thus saving you valuable time and effort.
Download Download v4.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 599 KB, Updated at Oct 28, 2015

BitsDuJour's Review

QuoteQuickly View and Open Recent Files

If you work with a lot of files, you know that it is a time-consuming hassle to navigate to something that you’ve recently used, but which has disappeared from the very limited “Recent Files” list in your app. Today’s discount software promotion addresses this dilemma in an elegant way – it’s Advanced Recent Access!

Advanced Recent Access lets you view and open files you’ve worked with recently, eliminating the need to manually locate them. With Advanced Recent Access, you’ll be able to capture key gains in productivity and efficiency as you gaze upon all of your recent items, including details about file size, path, format, and more!

Need to limit the types of recent items that Advanced Recent Access shows you? Not a problem! Handy filters let you display only documents, images, video, audio, or compressed files. You can also use Advanced Recent Access to easily run, open location, or recycle any item in your list.
Update History

Release/Update Date
Features / Improvements Bug Fixes
Oct 28, 2015
  • Important: fully supports native Polski.
  • Important: fully supports native Tiếng Việt.
  • Important: can remember the sorting column and order.
  • Important: can remember the [Filter] settings.
  • Important: do not install ARA to "User Application Data" folder forcibly.
  • Important: change the refreshing frequency from 1 minute to 9 seconds, in order to let you see the recent used resources in time.
  • Important: change the default sorting column from [Times] to [Date modified] due to the values of [Times] field are still one at the first run.
  • Optimized the default width of [Date modified] and [Date created] columns, let them can fully display the data without ellipsis.
  • No longer put the autostart shortcut under "Common Startup" menu (replace it with "User Startup" menu), because you cannot decide for others!
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • A little text error in license agreement of the installer.
Oct 09, 2015
  • Important: perfected UI effect for any system DPI setting, in any supported Operating Systems (system DPI setting: in Windows 7, it can be changed at "Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display -> Make text and other items larger or smaller").
Oct 01, 2015
  • Important: sorts the new items during running ARA (previous added them to the end of the list after automatically refreshed, and you need to drag the vertical scroll bar to see them).
  • Important: the list no longer flashes when refreshing automatically per minute.
  • Important: does not update the properties of the resources after automatically refreshed the list, such as size, date modified, etc.
Sep 25, 2015
  • Optimized an English text.
  • Important: the program may crash if running a long time.
Sep 22, 2015
  • Important: supports multi-language.
  • Important: fully supports native 简体中文 & 繁體中文.
  • Important: removed [Date accessed] field, because Windows does not exactly update it in time since Windows 2003 SP1.
  • Important: now the installer supports multi-language also, and let you choose when install. Even, ARA can directly use the language that selected during installing.
  • Important: by default, uses Golden Ratio for the main interface and its start position.
  • Can restore the window location with the values of Top and Left properties are 0 (Top / Left may be 0 and can be 0).
  • Open translation interface for multi-language version.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • Supports to directly open the data file location (for technical support), in order get better support if necessary.
  • Optimized English texts.
  • Changed "Microsoft Internet Explorer" string to "Microsoft Web Browser", because Windows 10 uses Microsoft Edge, for consistency, now calls them as "Microsoft Web Browser".
  • Important: if you have not checked "Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar" option on "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" (right-click Start menu and select "Properties" to show) interface, you will still get a blank list.
  • Important: the main interface MAY disappear if did these operations for the system tray icon: double-click / quickly right-click and then click / only click or right-click after program ran a long time. And you need to end corresponding process and run it again to solve this problem.
  • Important: if ARA is minimized to the system tray and closed unexpectedly (e.g. Windows logged out, shutdown, etc.), it will record the unusable window size and location. This will cause the main interface to be invisible at the next run, and normal users are very hard to restore it.
  • Important: you may get the dislocation properties of a few system folders.
Mar 25, 2014
  • New release.
Download Download v4.0 for Microsoft® Windows®, 599 KB, Updated at Oct 28, 2015

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I'm using Advanced Recent Access, it is designed to see more properties of your recent used resources (files and directories). Key features: can see path, size, type, date modified and date created of recent resources. And more.

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