As you know, to see Windows folder size, you need to right click it and execute the "Properties" command.
This is not a problem, but, when you want to see the sizes of many directories (usually, you may want to find out the large folders and delete the unnecessary resources to save your disk space), it will be a very tedious work...

So, you may need our folder size viewer to avoid the annoying right-click & click ... works.
Congratulations! You can get our friendly folder size viewer now at here!

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OK, now please let me briefly explain it for you:
  • Shows folder size directly without any setting.
  • Displays folders and files size as descending, in order to quickly find the large folders and files.
  • Displays the friendly size unit automatically.
  • Allows you to execute many actions for the selected folder/file, such as Permanently Delete, Move to Recycle Bin, Copy Full Path, View Properties and more.
  • Customizable user interface.
Also, it is very easy to use as below:
  • It organizes all your resources (drives, folders and files) in a tree.
  • To see the sub folders size under a drive or folder, just simply click it.
  • Easily to do something for the selected folder/file, buttons, keys and menus.
You can see all above introductions in following screenshot of our folder size viewer.

Folder Size Viewer Interface

Do not hesitate, just download our folder size viewer now! It's 100% clean (guaranteed by SoftPedia).

For Windows Free Download It Now (100% Clean) Download