Do you want to extract the text from PDF files without selecting and copying? Extremely, there are many PDF files do not allow you copy the text...
So, you may need our PDFToText Converter.

Congratulations! You can get a convenient PDFToText converter now at here!

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OK, now please let me briefly explain it for you:
  • Converts PDFToText in batch mode.
  • Friendly UI, small but fast and accurate.
  • Does not need Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
  • Extracts all pages of PDF file to ONE text file.
  • Can break some built-in limitations of the original PDF file, such as the unavailable "Copy" and "Save to..." commands.
Also, it is very easy to use as below:
  • Add your PDF files to the list, or just drag-and-drop them.
  • Just click <Convert All> button, it will extract all text from the listed PDF files.
You can see all above introductions in following screenshot of our PDFToText converter.

PDFToText converter Interface

Do not hesitate, just download our PDFToText converter now!

For Windows Free Download It Now Download