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Today I will tell you a very common Windows technique, I believe that most people need it! - No matter what purpose, sometimes, we need to copy files/folders complete paths in Windows. Good, take a look at this practice if you do not know this technique.
Traditional Method
For instance, we need to copy "Windows Mail" folder's full path that under "C:\Program Files (x86)", like this:

Copy Windows Mail Full Path

Do not consider right-clicking and selecting property values, I give you the easier method directly if you do not know this technique:
  • Click address bar, press <Ctrl+C>, copy out "Windows Mail" directory's path (automatically selected all text after clicked address bar).
  • Press <Win+R>, input "notepad", press <Enter> to open Notepad application, press <Ctrl+V>, paste the copied path into Notepad.
  • Switch to File Explorer, select "Windows Mail" folder, press <F2> and <Ctrl+C>, copy out the resource name.
  • Switch to Notepad, append \ symbol after previous path, and then press <Ctrl+V> to paste "Windows Mail" string.
  • Press <Ctrl+A> to select all text in Notepad, and then press <Ctrl+C>. Good, congratulations! You have got the full path of "Windows Mail" directory now!
Note: the method of copying file's full path is similar as above.

A Windows skill may finish above operations within one minute, but for a novice or general Windows user, this may take a few minutes. It is really complicated, are there some simple ways? Yes!
Simple Method 1 - Use Windows "Run" Dialog Box
Windows "Run" dialog box supports drag and drop, this can make the work to be very easy:
Press <Win+R> to open "Run" dialog box, and then drag the target folder/file and drop it on the "Run" dialog box to get its full path.

Please note: please delete the old text in "Run" box before drag and drop, its defect is can only copy the full path for ONE resource per time.
Simple Method 2 - Use Context Menu or Toolbar Button
The second method is very easy but powerful:
Select the resources (folders and files) in File Explorer as you need, hold down the <Shift> key and right-click them, then click "Copy as path" menu item like this:

Copy as Path in File Explorer

Or just click the <Copy path> button after selected resources:

'Copy path' button

Need to verify it? Easy. Just open Notepad, press <Ctrl+V>, good, got it. See below screenshot:

Copied Full Paths

Do not need double quotes symbol (")? Easy! Just press <Ctrl+H> keys in Notepad, replace " as blank.
Method 1: drag the target resource and drop it on "Run" dialog box. Defect: only supports to copy the complete path for single file or folder.
Method 2: [Shift] + right-click resources and click "Copy as path" command or just click the <Copy path> button on the toolbar. Advantage: supports copying full paths in batch mode, that is, can copy the full paths of multiple directories / files per time.

P.S. The two methods neither use any third-party software. I think you can uninstall the related software after read this article.

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Tip: we also produced a powerful and popular utilities kit for Windows - WinExt LogoWinExt®, feel free to try it on your PC.