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What is "Run" dialog box?
The "Run" dialog box can be opened by press <Win+R>, it looks like this:

Run Box
What is it used for?
It is used to start a program by typing its executable file's "full path", if you're used to launching the programs by typing instead of clicking on the icons, it will be a small but practical tool. In fact, not only to start programs, but also to access folders, documents, and even web pages. But we only use it to access the commonly used programs without path and extension, for other things, it is slower than use File Explorer or clicking icons.

Note: why on above screenshot I have not input "full path" for "mspaint", just executable filename without extension? Because there is a system environment variable names "PATH", it contains the paths of almost commonly used programs, and if you ignore the path, the "Run" box will search the typed program under these paths. For extension, if you have not inputted, "Run" will presume it is the executable file, such as *.exe, *.bat, etc.

Tip: once you started a program in "Run" successfully, it will remember the typed text, this feature will enable you to input fewer characters next time. E.g. type "m" the list will show the programs that start with "m", then I press <↑> key twice, <Enter>, Paint app will run.

Run Type Less
The List of Commonly Used Apps for "Run" Box
String Program
appwiz.cpl Programs and Features
calc Calculator
cleanmgr Disk Cleanup
cmd Command Prompt
control Control Panel
desk.cpl Settings -> Display
devmgmt.msc / hdwwiz.cpl Device Manager
dfrgui Optimize Drives
excel Microsoft Excel
explorer File Explorer
eventvwr Event Viewer
firewall.cpl Windows Defender Firewall
fonts Fonts Manager
gpedit.msc Local Group Policy Editor
intl.cpl Region
lusrmgr.msc Local Users and Groups
magnify Magnifier
main.cpl Mouse Properties
mmsys.cpl Sound
msaccess Microsoft Access
msconfig System Configuration
msinfo32 System Information
mspaint Paint
msra Windows Remote Assistance
mstsc Remote Desktop Connection
ncpa.cpl Network Connections
netplwiz User Accounts
notepad Notepad
optionalfeatures Windows Features
osk On-Screen Keyboard
powercfg.cpl Power Options
powerpnt Microsoft PowerPoint
regedit Registry Editor
resmon Resource Monitor
secpol.msc Local Security Policy
sysdm.cpl System Properties
taskmgr Task Manager
utilman Settings -> Easy of Access
winword Microsoft Word
write / wordpad WordPad
More than "Run" Box
In fact, from Windows 10, you can just type the command or program title in the search box after pressed <Win> key, it's easy and fast too:

Search in Start Menu

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Tip: we also produced a powerful and popular utilities kit for Windows - WinExt LogoWinExt®, feel free to try it on your PC.