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Q: Which Operating Systems are supported by PCWB?
Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, 32 & 64-bit both.

Q: How to run PC WorkBreak?
  • First run, just leave the checkbox is checked at the final step of the installation, and click <Finish> button.
  • Automatic run, by default, the "Run it when PC boots" option is checked, in order to launch PC WorkBreak automatically when Windows starts, we recommend you do NOT uncheck it to keep it caring for your health during working on PC.
  • Manual run, once installed PC WorkBreak successfully, it will put a shortcut on your desktop, in order to let you launch PC WorkBreak manually after it exited.
Q: How to change the default break start/end sound?
Just change 'Sound Settings' on Options interface.

Q: Why no break?
Please check 'No Break Periods' and 'No Break Days' on Options interface.

Q: Is there a 64-bit version for me?
Yes, please read this article to know more details.

Q: Why cannot find it on taskbar?
Please check system tray.

Q: How to permanently delete too old break logs?
Just change the breaks period and then click <Delete Selection> button on Statistics interface.

Q: Can I put the icon to system tray after it started?
Yes, just change 'Startup Position' to 'System Tray' on Options interface.

Q: How to get better support?
Sometimes, you cannot get technical support by email. There is only ONE reason: we cannot receive your emails or you cannot receive our emails (spammed or rejected).
So, if you encounter such embarrassment, please do not hesitate to request support by using other email addresses until you get it. Although this probability is small, but you still have to pay attention to this situation.