For Windows Download WinExt® v30.0, 2.6 MB Download

# Layout

WinExt Layout

1 - Banner: displays program name/logo/version and company logo, you can visit program/company homepage and upgrade your copy to Pro edition.
2 - Module Buttons: switch between different modules.
3 - Module Introduction: introduce current module.
4 - Work Area: your work area of current module.
5 - Bottom: you can change current language, get help and learn more about it at here. Also, the new version or other important info will be displayed here.

# Picture Buttons without Text

Picture Buttons

  • Some interfaces need more buttons, in order to keep the UI clean, WinExt® removed the text from them.
  • If you just started using WinExt®, you may not know the purpose of a few buttons.
  • Fortunately, all these buttons have the tooltips, just move your mouse on them, you will know the meaning and shortcut keys.
  • In fact, most picture buttons are easy to understand, and the shortcut keys are consistent with Windows (e.g. <F3> - Find, <F2> - Rename).

# Context Menu

Context Menu

If you are used to operate Windows by context menus, try to right-click any resources list, you will find what you like.

# Adjust the Size of Work Area


On a few interfaces, there are two or more lists. Move your mouse on above splitter bar, and then drag-and-drop it to adjust the size of lists.

# Accepting & Canceling Buttons

Accept and Cancel

On all dialog boxes , there are two buttons - <OK> and <Cancel>. There is a very fast way to perform them - press <Enter> to perform the accepting button (<OK>) and press <Esc> to perform the canceling button (<Cancel>).

# Other Important Tips

>> Back up and Restore Registry (Clean -> Registry) <<
It will automatically create the restore point in every fixing, and you can restore the Registry by selected restore point at any time. The restore point file like this: REG_POINT_20210408.183718.reg, means formatted as REG_POINT_yyyyMMdd.HHmmss.reg, in order to exactly restore the right point.

Restore Points of Registry

>> Algorithm for [Times] (Recent) <<
  • First run WinExt®, the [Times] for all resources will be set to 1.
  • After opened a resource from WinExt®, its [Times] increased 1.
  • If you opened a resource from other places, WinExt® does not remember this accessed time.
>> Automatically and Manually Refresh List (Activity) <<
If you are viewing today's logs or the "Specific data range" contains today, the list will be refreshed automatically per 2 minutes.
You may think 2 minutes is too slow, but if the frequency is too high, it will affect your normal operation, so we set the frequency as 2 minutes.
However, you can manually refresh the list to see the latest logs of today at any time, just press <F5> or click Refresh button.

>> Enable or Disable Monitoring (Activity) <<

Enable / Disable Monitoring

As above, you can disable monitoring for Activity module to reduce the resource consumption if you do NOT use Activity module. By default, it is enabled, to disable it, just uncheck this checkbox and click <Save> button.

>> Usage of "Launch" Module (Launch) <<

>> Windows Service (Activity and Sync) <<
If you found that "Activity" and "Sync" (automatic mode) modules are not working, please check if WinExt® Service is running as below:

Service 1

In Windows Explorer, right-click your Computer and select "Manage".

Service 2

Locate the tree menu to "Services", sort right list by "Name", press <W> to locate "WinExt Service", check if its status is "Started" or "Running".

Service 3

If it is not started, right-click it and select "Properties", set "Startup type" as "Automatic" and click <Start> button, finally, click <OK> to confirm your settings.

By default, WinExt®'s Service will be set as "Automatic" and will be started after installed it. So, in most cases, you do NOT need to know it even its existence. But in a few extreme cases, it may be not set as "Automatic" and / or started after installed, the common reasons may be: system permission settings, third-party security programs or carelessly disabled it. Once you found "Activity" and "Sync" are not working as usual, you can follow above steps to make it working properly.

>> Change Properties (Batch) <<

Change Properties

As above, after changed "Date created" or "Date modified" properties, if you found some resources are not changed, please check if these resources are System and/or Read-only, and the Security / Permissions settings of these resources.

>> Automatically Switch to Your Most Commonly Used Module after Started (Options) <<
If you don't like to see the "Clean" module (default) after started it, you can easily change it:

Change Start Module

System Requirement
Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11, 32 & 64-bit both.
Note: it contains 32 and 64-bit applications in ONE copy! You can refer to this article of our another product (Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition) to know more details.
Just run the setup file (win-ext.exe) from the downloaded .zip package.
Run 'Uninstall WinExt' on the related Start Menu folder or open 'Add/Remove Programs' in Control Panel and double-click 'WinExt #.#' in the list box.
Upgrade Product Version
1. Download the latest version of this product from our official website automatically if the new version is available.
2. Exit program automatically.
3. Install the latest version of this product manually (do NOT need to uninstall first, just reinstall it).

Note: when you reinstall it, if you have not quitted WinExt® and / or WinExt®'s Windows Service is running (in fact, its Service is always running unless you manually stopped it), you will see the following step:


At this time, just keep the default settings as above and click <Next> button to finish the installation automatically.

For Windows Download WinExt® v30.0, 2.6 MB Download