Do you always troubled by calculate work hours like me. I am a freelancer who arranges their working hour freely. But you know human brain can’t remember so many times data. So a freelance time tracking software is what I must equip. When I do project like accustom software for my customers. They have their requirements, and my job is to make perfect software they want. For the pay was depending on the working hours. So I desperately need a work hours tracker to calculate work hours. The working time tracker I used perfectly solved my problem. It is easily used. The working time tracker is like a notebook, which record how many times I spend on each piece of work. I can put these records in the invoice and it really boosts my productivity.

Now I’ll show you how this software helps me. Like I just get a job to accustom software for Anne, I’ll add a new item like “Anne’s project” to record the time. Every time when I pick up a phone call, or I do other things, I’ll click pause button to stop the time recording. When the job is ending, I can know the exact time I have spent on this project. It’s a responsible for both Anne and me.

working time tracker

And I can add another job, I can change my recording time as I like. The working time tracker can provides you choices like you can choose to show the job you started, or the job you paused or the job you finished. Just need to tick the options you need. By this function, I can quickly know the unfinished job I have. It’s very continent for freelance time tracking and the user can get the wanted information.

So if you want record time precisely like me, I highly recommend you have a try on this freelance time tracking program. It doesn’t have many unwanted options, so it’s very simple and elegant. You can get this work hours calculator by click here.

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