Except to see the calculating / converting results, you may want to copy out them to write in somewhere or send to someone, specially, for the long result.

Such as, you want to send the seconds result (1,072,828,800) under “Differences” module to your boyfriend, but it is too long and so hard to write it number by number, and it is error-prone. See below screenshot:

Calculate Hours between Dates
Screenshot 1: Calculate Hours between Two Dates

Then, how to fast copy out the seconds result, it is easy:

Double-click the number, press <Ctrl+C> will get it saving to the system clipboard, and then press <Ctrl+V> in somewhere as you wish. That’s all.

Except double-clicking, you can also select the result text by mouse just like select the normal text at anywhere in Windows, even you can try to use the <Tab> key to focus the result field, and then press <Ctrl+C>.

Download Download our Software to Calculate Hours between Two Dates

That’s not all, see below screenshot of our calculating years between two dates software:

Calculate Years Between Dates
Screenshot 2: Calculate Years between Two Dates

That is, for the imaginable long result, our date time calculator provides you with a copy button directly, in order to fast copy the result and use to other places.

Download Download our Software to Calculate Weeks between Two Dates
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