You may find there are 2 time calculator in our website, and confuse about how to choose appropriate program for your needs. So next I will give 2 examples to help you to know about the differences between our 2 programs. Then you can choose the one you need or you can have both of them.
Case 1
The Rio 2016 Olympics coming soon, so you may want to know about how many days there are to the opening ceremony? You can search the calendar or search it on your iPhones, to know the days. But the thing the calendar can’t do is telling you the exact times (minutes, seconds, etc.). While if you have our time calculator, you can input or pick dates from today (July 25, 2016,17:10) to the opening ceremony day (Aug 06, 2016,07:00), this calculator will show you immediately about the exact days (and other units) left for the fantastic show. It’s 1 weeks, 4 days, 13 hours, 49 minutes, 18 seconds.

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This calculator is used to calculate time duration between two dates immediately, also, you can calculate how many days you have lived in your life, how long it will be for your next holiday or how long you have insist on doing something like running or exercising. The result also can be shown by exact year/month/ week unit. Choose the way you like on the interface of this calculator.

So if you need calculate dates duration, try this application.

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Case 2
If there is an event, like your birthday, your graduation from your university, you day on your first company or your wedding days or your baby’s born. You want to know the duration of these events , but they accumulate day by day, you may need to query the duration regularly, if you use the first application, you have to type the dates every time you enter the application. In this case, you can use another application (Date Time counter) to calculate time duration. So if there is any moment you want to record, just click the new button to create your time note. It’s very convenient and you can check the time anytime you want. And the data can be saving so next you want to inquiry the duration, just open the supplication. And this calculator provides some shortcut keys for copying out each time element, so you can copy your time records into other places you want.

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Another time and date calculator software download free by this link.

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