Sometimes, you may want to know about the answer of below questions:

How to get the differences (days, hours, seconds, etc.) by subtract two days?

How to calculate the target date and time by add and subtract time (number of months, weeks, minutes, etc.)?

Now, see below screenshots of an adding and subtracting time calculator:
Subtract Two Dates Interface
Add Subtract Time Calculator

Since you are reading this article, I think you may need the results like above exactly!

Now, I will guide you to enjoy this adding and subtracting time calculator – Advanced Date Time Calculator (ADTC).

First, get the installer (very small and 100% clean) by click below button:

Download Download Add and Subtract Time Calculator to Subtract Two Dates

OK, after install and run it, you will see the second interface as above, it is exactly used to calculate the result date time by add and/or subtract time elements to/from a base date/time.

By default, the base time ([From] field) is set to now for more convenient considering. To get the result time by add time elements to the base time, click the “Add(+)” option (default) and then add time elements (days, hours, seconds, 7 common elements in total, use <Up> key or click Up arrow to add) as your need, the result date will show instantly! To get the target date by subtract time elements from the base date, change to select “Subtract(-)” option, and use <Down> key or click Down arrow to adjust the time elements as your wish, and the target time will show instantly also.

You can also click the green reset button to restore the corresponding time element to zero quickly. In fact, directly input the time elements is fastest, the Up/Down arrows can be used to fine turn.

The result is easy to copy out too, just click the right side copy button of the result.

Now, let us see how to subtract two dates and what you will get by do this.

As above first screenshot, it’s easy also, only need to specify the “two dates”, they will automatically subtract instantly! And you will see the result (differences) immediately! For some common time elements (e.g. years, months, days, minutes, etc.).

With subtracting two dates feature, you can answer some interesting and important questions in 2 seconds! Such as: how many days you live? How many days you work in current company? How many minutes you were in love with her/him? Etc.

This is about subtracting two days and adding / subtracting time elements in Advanced Date Time Calculator. ADTC also provide you with other interesting and important features just install it and enjoy them.

At last, you can download ADTC here:

Download Download Add and Subtract Time Calculator to Subtract Two Dates

Visit its official webpage here:
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