Whether you are working for a company or you have your own business, the time consuming is always one of the most important factor you should take consider. Through researching, I found Easy Work Time Calculator is very appropriate for people have time tracking questions like me. There were many work hours trackers but I choose Easy Work Time Calculator because it has 6 benefits that I cannot resist.

1. Save money. A personal work hours tracker can let you turn more time into money. So you don’t need to waste time on manual recording and managing time spent. You can easily organize the tasks by the detailed time record and manage your workload as you like in Easy Work Time Calculator. Very appropriate for freelancers, small business owners or startups to calculate working hours.

2. High efficiency. Increase your work efficacy by monitor your project and without too many unnecessary features. Calculate working hours and get your time record visible and controllable on one screen. You can know how much time you spend on your task or project.

Here is the screenshot of Easy Work Hours Tracker:
work hours tracker

3. Accurate search. Use advanced searching for your accurate time entries freely, you can search the job you wanted by type the job’s name in a given time period, or you can choose show which work you have finished, which you have started but paused for some reason.

4. Convenient copy. Copy your time record to anywhere you want within seconds. If you like copy every important thing on your notebook, then the work hours tracker is designed for you.

5. Safe data. It can back up and restore your time entry.

6. Customizable interface. You can customize the font name/size and the color of the foregrounds.

As above, if you are a self-tracking enthusiast, I highly recommend you this personal, intuitive and affordable work hours calculator. Just click the following download link.

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