The hours worked calculator is designed for people like a tutor, who need to calculate hours worked, a tutor may have lots of students, and each one need time to spend time with. So it’s important to calculate hours worked on each student. The hours worked calculator can add each student’s name and it can calculate hours worked on each one. Miss Huang is a tutor. She teaches students painting and she needs to teach the students hand by hand. So she uses the software to keep track of work hours. Like this screenshot.

hours worked calculator

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There were so many students name on the interface, so if she needs to find one of her students may be a little time consuming for her. There is a quick way for her to find a name. She can click “more” button, and there be an advanced search for her.

She can type the student’s name. Like she wants to know how many times she spent to teach Lisa, she can type “Lisa” on the searching area. Than the hours worked calculator will show only Lisa’s time recording.

keep track of work hours
Screenshot: the software has keep track of work hours of Miss Huang in real time.

calculate hours worked

In cases like Miss Huang wants to teach 3 students at the same time. How she select the 3 students in a quick way? The software offered a quick way to select , she can press <Ctrl> and click the students’ name. Like Jack, Moe, Lisa and Butt, then click continue button to record the time. So she can keep track of work hours for many students at the same time.

hours worked calculator 1

Isn’t this helps you learn more function on this work hours tracker, don’t hesitate to download the working time tracker.

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