I’m a freelancer; I work at home with my computer. It’s a trend for people nowadays. With a computer and a cell phone, you can finish you job at home and you can connect with you colleague at any time. But there is a problem for people like me. Because we were working at home alone, we always forget to rest when we totally put ourselves in our work. So, we need a timetracker. I recognize it is important to calculate my hours , and make rest and work combined in harmony. So I found a good one in TriSun software, it’s well fitted for easy time tracking.

Now ,I can show you how I use this timetracker to manage my work effectively. At the beginning of my day, I create a new item morning job. And the sw began to record my work time. Maybe a few hours later, I want to check my work time, I can turn the interfere on to calculate my hours. Then, I think I need a break, so I can click the pause button to stop time recording.


And add an item like resting, than, I go to have a rest. It’s also recording my resting time. The next time I sit before my computer, I can click pause button to stop recording my resting time. It’s not only suit for easy time tracking, it also suit for students, house wife, and other people who need calculate the working hours.

calculate my hours

And choose the “morning working ” to click continue. Then it would continue to record my working hours. At the end of the day, I can have a sheet to check how many time I spent on my work and rest. It so continent, you can get this work hours calculator by below button.

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