You may think it’s very easy of calculating months between two dates, such as you are just 20 years old, the months should be 240. But for some cases, you maybe cannot answer this with seconds, such as, you are 53.34 years old. And it’s hard to calculate the exact months with decimal between two dates.

So, are you interest in below screen? It will calculate months between two dates instantly, exactly and with decimal. It’s a Windows desktop software – Advanced Date Time Calculator (ADTC).
Months Differences Interface

To enjoy this utility, just download it by click the following button:

Download Download ADTC for Calculating Months between Two Dates

Also, you can know more details by visit its official page at:

After install and run it, you will see the main interface. To calculate months between two dates, just click the <Differences> button (left-top, second), you will see above interface.

It’s easy to use, only need to change the [From] and / or [To] date time, the exact months between two dates will show right now.

Also, you will get the results of time elements, such as day(s), hour(s), week(s), and the integrated result, all your needs of the number of XXX between two dates are listed on this module.

To change the [From] and [To] date time, you can use the month to click the drop-down calendar icons or the up-down arrows. In fact, the fastest way is typing. Such as, click above “1974” (“From” year), and type the year as you need. Even, click above “December” (“To” month), and type “10 “, it will be changed to “October”!

To copy any result except integrated, just double-click on it (that is “Select All” action), and then press the common shortcut keys - <Ctrl+C> to do. Also, the “Integrated Difference” has the direct copying button, just click it to copy result.

These are not all features! As you see, there are five big module buttons on the top of ADTC’s main interface. Except calculating months between two dates, there may be other useful functions for you, such as calculate weeks between dates, just click the big buttons, try and enjoy them.

This is all about how to calculate months between two dates.

At last, provide you with the official site and directly download links of ADTC here, in order to get it or know more details about it conveniently:

ADTC’s homepage:

Download Download ADTC for Calculating Months between Two Dates
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